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Let’s transform schools as holy as temples 
- Mahakavi Bharathi.
Worship and prayer are the best medications for all the hurts and bruises of life but I am among those who hate worship which is purely for personal gain. I do believe in Tagore’s Gitanjali which says God is in the smile of the needy. So I hope worship should also have a welfare factor. In my opinion all other forms of worship is just an expression of guilt and greed.

Bharathi may have secret desire to bring all people apart from their caste and creed in to the temples and transform temples as a place where God can really dwell. He might have settled with more possible way - transform schools into temples.  What a poet he was! What great human being! But transforming temples in to schools has remained a distant dream. Until now.  Sri Sathguru Samharamoorthy Swamigal Temple at Trichy district Court Campus, is setting new standards in worship.

The temple is located under a Magilam tree, at the Fire Station,Trichy. It is one the six famous abodes of Sri Sathguru.  The others Thaandeeswaram, Vaathirippatti, Viralimalai, Kudumiyanmalai and Thiruchendoor.

The devotees of Sathguru has established a society. Unlike other devotional societies, SSSMS (Sri Sathguru Samhara Moorthy Swamigal Society) involves in community welfare. The society is offering breakfast to school kids. It serves meals for four schools in Trichy District.  For the past six years 350 students of Corporation Schools of Sengulam Colony, Seva Sangam Middle School, Coporation School and Saraswathi School of Beemanagar have been receiving breakfast. 

In the evenings children from the neighbourhood come to the temple for tuition classes. Two teachers Mrs. Janaki and Mrs. Rajeswari have been serving here for the past nine years.

Every day we see at least a dozen physically and mentally challenged people on the roadsides. Our busy life style does not allow us to care for them. But every day 40 food packets are being served to these people by this society. Anbalaya is a working partner of this humane programme.

Now the society is planning to start a school. Land acquisition phase is over. The building is growing brick by brick. Rupees 500 is the amount set as the minimum required share to participate in the funding programme. The site is at Thiruvalarchippatti, Trichy.

Now I request you to donate the project. If you believe in God then it is great! Come to the temple and donate it personally and become a student of the great guru Sri Sathguru. If you don’t believe in God that is very very great.  Donating to a school is fabulous. Do it happily without any guilt!

For your kind information you can send in your cheques or donate through ECS.
SSSMS Society
S.B A/c No. 181 301 000 012 444
Indian Overseas Bank
District Court Branch
Tiruchirappalli – 620 001 

My first intro with Guru/Why I wrote this post

A couple of years ago one of my friends took me to a temple nearby Pudukkottai at the Dindugal road. The place was called Thaandeeswarm. As we prayed and sat in the premises I felt a great relief. From that day on I became a student of the great teacher called Sri Sathguru Samhara Moorthy. He has proved his presence at the darkest hours of my life.

I have been sending money to the school project whenever possible. I believe it is my duty to spread the word to the devotees around so that it may quicken the building process. So I have written it as my very first post.

To tell you short these temples have a charm for me. Everyone can reach the deities of the temple. Ladies can enter in to the temple through out the month. No one will make them feel guilty. My kids love the temple for their own reason. They can get sweets, chocolates, biscuits and sweet pongal any time they want!  It is believed that Ayya likes kids very much so the devotes offer chocolates and biscuits for the children who may visit his temple.

                     Make generous donations and give your devotion a divine shine.

until then bye from

S. Saroja

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