What is your stage?

Almost everyone in this planet have heard the famous sentence by Socrates "Know thy self". How true, people who knew themselves better becomes leaders and inspire millions of others to follow them. The truth in this is felt by all the sages around the globe and they said "the best help is within you". But most of our friends expects help from outside. How foolish they are!

Yes, realizing self is the first step in the success ladder. Let us examine this in contemporary tool Johari window. Don't panic I have liquidated it to the least bit. So gladly move on and find out your stage at life.

First Stage People
People in this Stage knew themselves better. They are fully aware of their talents and gifts. Their talents are known to their friends and community.  These people grasp the opportunities and prove themselves.
Sara has a gifted voice. Everyone in her street loved her voice. They celebrate her voice. It all started in a family party. When the host invited kids to sing Sara immediately sprang up and grabbed the mic, she started singing her favorite pop song “I believe I can soar”.  Today everyone say “Sara what a singer, She has a magical voice!”
Grabbing the opportunities and proving the talent without any hesitation is the first step and these kind of people are in the very first stage of the life.

Second Stage People
There are some people who has a wonderful gift. The sad part is they don’t have any clue about their gift. Poor souls.
Miriam is a wonderful painter. But she just took her talent for granted. But her brother knew her talent. He spoke to her softly and got those pictures. He told her that he was giving them as friendly gifts to his friends. Later that week he rode a brand new Harley Davidson in to their house. What he did not tell his sister was that he sold her paintings through an internet auction and earned enough money to buy himself a Harley Davidson!
These poor souls at the second stage often fall prey to the greed of the people around them. These guys should knew their talents and to make use of it for their own growth, or else others will use them as trump cards.

Third Stage People
People at this stage knew they have a gift, but they will not dare to exercise them. They may have some sort of mental blocks which prevent them from exposing their talent.
Susan has written a Java program. The professor praised her for her wonderful coding ability. Sandra watched it and examined the code written by Susan. She found out that she could write better code but she did not write her code. She was hesitant and silently left the class.
These are strange people, they knew their gift they believe in them but they are hesitant to revel their talents. These people are at the third stage.

Fourth Stage People
Extremely poor lot. These guys did not know themselves and their abilities. They don’t know who they are. They are darker then the darkest abbey.  
Now you know the four stages of people. Try to find out which stage you are in and which stage you want to reach.

Few more questions to ponder.
1.      List out your potentials.
2.      Do your friends endorse these potentials listed by you?
3.      If not why?
4.      How can you prove your abilities, talents and gifts?
5.      Do you think it is important to prove your talents to the world around you? Why?
6.      Have you ever thought that you can perform better than someone yet did not do anything?
7.      Do you really think it is important to be a guy in the first stage?
8.      What pulls you down from reaching the first stage?
9.      How long it may take to reach the first stage? Are you sure?
10.  Do you believe that even the guys at the fourth stage can move to first stage?
Answer these questions and find out the importance of a guy in the first stage. Life is a gift. You are going to live only once. Make it count. Make it meaningful. All the best.

With lots of love

Sincere thanks to Mr. S. Nagalingam, Chief Coach, Nikhil Foundation, Madurai.

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