Slip Test 8 and 9

X Standard English II Paper
Slip Test 8
Marks: 50                                                                                                                Time 40 Mts
(1) Answer in a paragraph for all of  the following questions:                                 3 x5=15
(a) Narrate the story 'Sam' in your own words.
(b) Describe the clever manner in which Hubert outwitted the thieves.
(c) How did the painter find a model for the face of Judas Iscariot?

Test 6 and 7

X Standard English II Paper
Slip Test 6
Mark 25                                                                                                             Time 20 Mts
(1) Fill in the blanks with the appropriate phrases given below to form a complete
meaningful paragraph:                                                                                            (5x1=5)
Kumar recalled his preparations(i).................to the United States. His (ii)............at college had gained him a wonderful career at MNC. Very soon he was deputed (iii).....................to the States and was assured of a (iv)...................there. But Oh! the migration from India to the States! Dad had squeezed out funds from(v)..........
i) on an assignment    ii) Promising career    iii) for his trip     iv) every possible source v) outstanding performance

X Standard English I Test 5

X Standard
English I
Slip Test 5
Marks 50 Time 45 minutes
1. Choose the appropriate synonyms of the underlined words:            5X1=5
        Of course laws alone cannot deal with a problem that constantly (i) play hide and seek. For decades groups like the National Domestic Workers' movement had campaigned (ii) for recognition of domestic work of a form of labour. The diligence (iii) and persistence (iv) of such groups have resulted in some states initiating (v) legislation


Tamil Culture a Power Point Show

Hi, friends I have just worked out a power point presentation to show the unique features of Tamil Nadu and its cultural contribution to the world. Just enjoy..



What is ALM+?

ALM + is the teaching method devised by the Tamil Nadu Government's Educational Department.

Its components are sq4r study method, mind map. It is an improvised mix of the aforementioned two methods.

Colourful Idioms

Idioms with 


What is SSA?

SSA stands for Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, an intensive education scheme for the primary students of the country. It was designed to make sure that no child is left behind. It was a very great success all over the country. It had provided quality improvements to the economically weaker sections of the society.


Collector Sagayam's School

Ellaippatti Government High School is the Alma mater of the reputed IAS officer Mr. Sagayam. Sagayam still remembers the great teacher Mr. Naryanasamy, whose contribution to this village community still stands high. People still remember his service.

So Where is the school  now?

Facebook Cover files- Indian Social Engineers

 Here is a collection of FB cover images of Indian Social Engineers.  Great personalities who had fought against evil caste system of hindut...