Collector Sagayam's School

Ellaippatti Government High School is the Alma mater of the reputed IAS officer Mr. Sagayam. Sagayam still remembers the great teacher Mr. Naryanasamy, whose contribution to this village community still stands high. People still remember his service.

So Where is the school  now?


The Government High School Ellaippatti, is located at Ellaippatti village, which is part of 9A Natham Pannai Panchayat of Pudukkottai district of Tamil Nadu State. It is in the southern entrance of the village Ellaippatti.

Main Occupation of the  population

The School has 16 catchment villages

1. Ellaippatti,

2. Sellukudi

3. Kilappatti

4. Myalappatti

5. Keezhapazhvanji

6. Sirunjunai

7. Mettuppatti

8. Marayappatti

9. Kurukkalyappatti

10. Perunjunai

12. Thiruvengai Vasal

13. Annathoorani

14. Vadamalappoor

15. Adappakarasathiram

16. Maampatti

Like any other villages in India Agriculture is the main occupation of these villages.  Brinjal Farming is practiced in the village Sellukudi. The brinjal produced in this village has a niche market and very famous around the parts of this state. Besides Agriculture and farming some of the villagers also run  Brick Kilns which meet most of the construction  needs of the town. Some of the other vegetables these folks produce are two varieties of bitter gourd, ladies finger and tomato. 

Kilappatti is known for its calcium kilns. The calcium produced in this village is sold in the town.

The people of Ellaippatti consist of hard working laborers and rich brick kiln owners.

The people of Myalappatti and Adappakarasathiram are known for their stone cutting works. Some of them produce constructive stones, and fencing stone, while few of them produce park benches and decorative stone statutes.

The people of Sirunjunai, Mettuppatti, Marayappatti, Perunjunai, Thiruvengai Vasal, Annathoorani and Vadamalappoor are hardworking farmers. These villages have large lakes so they the have water supply for their farming.

Vadamalappoor is also known for its brick kilns.

People at Maampatti are mostly coolies and shepherds.


The village has very good access to transportation. As the roads are newly laid it gives quality transportation to the folks.

Nearest bus station           : Pudukkottai, Bus stand, 3KM

Nearest Railway Station   : Pudukkottai Railway Station, 3KM

Nearest Airport                  : Thiruchirappalli International Airport 48 km

Drinking Water

TWAD Board has connected this village’s water distribution with Cavery Water Supply. The village is given quality access to Cavery water.

Special Notes

Neolithic habitat of human beings

The village Sellukudi is one of the earliest human settlements. It is one of the earliest human settlements of this subcontinent.  The occupants have a strange prefix to their community name “kurumba", which happens to be a name of a unique breed of sheep. This is a fine example of long gone past, where men and Mother Nature lived in amity.

The village Kurukkalyappatti is once known as Eeswarapuram, which implies that it has it links with ancient Tamil Theological Theory "Eeswara Sangiyam." A couple of years ago a statue was found buried in the lake. Now it is seated in a small cement stage and being worshiped by the village people. These new findings suggest that the village has a glorious cultural past. Further study required. It is strange to mention that the once famous Eeswarapuram has changed its name and now been occupied by scheduled caste. This village may have some hidden links to ancient Tamil culture.

The village Vadamalappoor has a small hillock called Keezha Kurinji Hillock. The hillock has a small ayyanar temple which deserves to be protected by the ASI. It is definitely a missing link of ancient Tamil Culture and worship. A few kilometers west of it lies the much renowned Chitthannavasal.

Myalappatti is another village which has a ASI protected monument. It has a strange small hill. The hill is strange because it is like a tub the outer edges are tall walls of stone and inner part has a small water spring. There is a eerie story about the vandalized temple at the top of the hill. This village may have missing links to Aasivaga, Eeswara Sangia faith.

Perumaanaadu, and Keezhapazhvanji are also important villages. Keezhapazhvanji has a dilapidated ancient palace. It is also a picnic spot during floods. It has a small dam which serves as a feast to eyes when flooded.

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