Colourful Idioms

Idioms with 

colour     -  beet red.

meaning - dark red.

usage      - My sister's face turned beet red when I caught her dancing in her room.

colour     - black and blue.

meaning  - bruised and beaten.

usage     - We found the culprit black and blue by the signal.

colour-green with envy.

meaning  - very jealous.

usage    - He is green with envy over his friend's new phone.

colour   - out of the blue.

meaning - unexpectedly.

usage     - I was glad to see my parents mail out of the blue.

colour    - rose coloured glasses.

meaning - unrealistic view.

usage     -  Leema imagines her vacation with rose coloured glasses.

colour     - white lie.

meaning -  innocent lie.

usage     - We told Veena that her new hairstyle was nice but it was really a white lie.

colour    - have a yellow streak.

meaning - to be cowardly.

usage      - Navin has a yellow streak and he will not support in your problem.

colour     - to be browned off.

meaning - to be bored.

usage    - Sumi is browned off with her job.

colour   - golden rule.

meaning - important rule.

usage    -  To get up early is a golden rule for health.

colour   -  grey matter.

meaning - brain.

usage    - Use your grey matter, my young chap.


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