X Standard English I Test 5

X Standard
English I
Slip Test 5
Marks 50 Time 45 minutes
1. Choose the appropriate synonyms of the underlined words:            5X1=5
        Of course laws alone cannot deal with a problem that constantly (i) play hide and seek. For decades groups like the National Domestic Workers' movement had campaigned (ii) for recognition of domestic work of a form of labour. The diligence (iii) and persistence (iv) of such groups have resulted in some states initiating (v) legislation

(i) a) often             b) Continuously        c) seldom         d) occasionally
(ii) a) claimed         b) canvassed        c) recorded     d) calculated
(iii) a) labour         b) punishment        c) increase     d) hard work
(iv) a) continuous effort     b) care            c) estimate     d) wonder
(v) a) tiring             b) challenging        c) including     d) starting

    2. Choose the appropriate antonyms of the underlined words:            5X1=5
            Chaya's day began long before sunrise, when she and her five children fanned out in the darkness (i) armed with plastic jugs of every size. After daybreak the rumour (ii) of, a tap with running water sent her stumbling in a panic (iii) through the slum's narrow (iv) corridors. Now, with he containers still empty and the sun blazing overhead (v), she has returned home for a moment's rest. Asked, if she's eaten anything today, she laughs: " We haven't even had any tea yet".
(i) a) brightness          b) dim        c) sparkle         d) lightness
(ii) a) gossip             b) fact        c) information     d) lie
(iii) a) suffering         b) fear        c) calm         d) brave
(iv) a) small             b) delicate        c) wide                       d) long
(v) a) above             b) farther        c) underneath     d) underline
3.. Identify and correct the errors in the following sentences:             5x1=5
a) Her dress was made from silk.
b) He is shortest boy in the class.
c) I spent a hour in the shop.
d) Though he is weak but he dances well.
    e) The coffee smell well.
4. Answer in a paragraph any one of the following questions. Your paragraph should not exceed 120 words:                                                        1x5=5
49.     (a) How does the poet portray a Millionaire?
        (b) Describe the hardships suffered by the children in the factories.
        (c)  Describe the various qualities of manliness.
5. Quote from memory one of the following extracts:                               1x5=5
.     a) Five lines of the poem "Going for water"
        From: "We ran………………
        To: ……………… we paused".

        b) Five lines of the poem "Manliness".
        From: "If you can………………….
        To: ……………….. and sinew".                       

Read the following sets of poetic lines and answer the questions given below:                  5X1=5

6. "Each laid on other a staying hand
    To listen ere we dared to look"
    Why did each lay a staying hand on the other?

7. "If you can fill the unforgiving minute"
    How should we fill the minute, to be successful In life?
8. "If we care for any meadows, it were merely"
    What does 'we' refer to?

9. "Virgin rock takes form ……………………
    Explain "Virgin rock takes form"
Read the following lines from the poems you have studied and answer the questions given below:                                                                                                                              5 X1=5
10 "Softly, in the dusk, a woman is singing to me;
    Taking me back down the vista of years, till I see"
    pick out the rhyming words in these lines.

11. The well was dry beside the door
    And so went with pail and can
    Across the fields behind the house
    To seek the brook if still it ran;
    Bring out the rhyme scheme used in these lines.

12. "From your pleasure fair and fine!"
    Pick out the words in alliteration

  13.  "Like gnomes that hid us from the moon"
    What is the figure of speech here?

14. "The world in gloom and splendor passes by"
    What is the figure of speech here?

Answer briefly any five of the following questions. Your answer should not exceed 30 words:
                                                    5 x 2 =10
15. What was the beggar’s true identity? Why did Hughie mistake him to be a beggar?
16. Why did art find a place even in concentration camps?
17. What quality of character is expected to be inherent in a student?
18. What will the future be if the Himalayan glaciers become ice-free?
19. How is the world of domestic workers ‘invisible’?
20. What were the contributions of the Cholas towards art and culture?

21. Punctuate the following                                                            5 Marks
     arul said i will be there shortly please wait for me

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