English Second Paper First Question - Test 3

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The second paper first question carries five marks. If you practice well you will get all the five marks for this question.

Here is the third question set.

Make the most of it.


Fill in the blanks with appropriate phrases given below to form a complete meaningful paragraph:

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers. Use the "Hint" button to get a free letter if an answer is giving you trouble. You can also click on the "[?]" button to get a clue. Note that you will lose points if you ask for hints or clues!

Kumar watched (i) flying in a (ii) and remembered the time when he had seen (iii) and his father had told him the birds had come there to stay only (iv) and would soon leave the (v) and return to their home in the Artic.

Choose the right pharse
i) nestlings in Vedangthangal
ii) streamlined ‘V’
iii) for a short while
iv) place of their sojourn
v) the migratory birds

Hubert, a little boy of fourteen, was once (i) through a lonely road infested with (ii). . Three hefty men waylaid him, took away his horse and beat him (iii) . Hubert limped (iv) nearby (v) .

Choose the right pharse
i) thieves and robbers
ii) hoping to get some help
iii) to a palatial mansion
iv) travelling on his horse
v) black and blue

I can remember like yesterday the day my father came home (i) . A Flying Officer (ii) , he was dressed in a blue uniform with a skinny, (iii) plonked so precariously on the side of his head that I wondered why it never fell off. A neighbour called out, “What’s the weather like up there?” as my giant-like father bounded by, carrying (iv) , strapped together with a large leather belt. He was, without question, (v) I had ever seen.

Choose the right pharse
i) a battered brown suitcase
ii) boat-shaped cap
iii) the tallest man
iv) during World War II
v) from the war

Here at last was (i) . For many days and part of many nights, the painter worked feverishly to (ii) . As the work went on, a change came (iii) . A strange tension replaced (iv) and his bloodshot eyes were fixed with horror on the painted (v) .

Choose the right pharse
i) over the model
ii) the stuporous languor
iii) the model for Judas
iv) likeness of himself
v) complete his masterpiece


I nursed the dog’s paw (i) , then sat down (ii) his head because he seemed kind of sad. Questions circled (iii) , like, How did he get hurt? Who did he belong to? Where did he live? How did he get lost? Goldy and I sat together until Mom came home. Mom put a notice in the paper, and we waited. It was (iv) . Goldy mended more every day. At first he couldn’t walk on his paw, but then (v) .

Choose the right pharse

i) next to him and patted
ii) through my mind
iii) as best as I could
iv) little by little it healed
v) the longest wait of my life

Celine could not understand what was happening. She was (i) underwater, helpless and swallowing mouthfuls of (ii) . She couldn’t breathe. “I am drowning. There’s (iii) ”. Then she found that she could breathe again. In (iv) she could see that she was about ten metres from the manhole through which she had plunged, but the current made it impossible (v) .

Choose the right pharse
i) no way I can survive this
ii) being swept along
iii) the filthy liquid
iv) to swim back
v) the dim light

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