English Second Paper Test 2

Dear friends,

The second paper is very generous in giving marks. You can score marks very easily. you need to have a complete understanding and confidence.

You should make yourself through with the stories so that you can easily answer the questions. Some times these questions may be little tricky.

However if your practice these questions regularly you can get full marks.

Have this test and enjoy. 

Fill in the blanks with suitable phrases

Fill in the blanks with suitable phrases

Second Paper First Question

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers. Use the "Hint" button to get a free letter if an answer is giving you trouble. You can also click on the "[?]" button to get a clue. Note that you will lose points if you ask for hints or clues!
Kumar recalled his preparations (i) to the United States. His (ii) at college had gained him a wonderful career at MNC. Very soon he was deputed (iii) to the States and was assured of a (iv) there. But oh, the migration from India to the States! Dad had squeezed out funds from (v) .

Choose the right answer
i) on an assignment
ii) promising career
iii) for his trip
iv) every possible source
v) outstanding performance.
Serge and Celine (i) the road and Celine stepped over a low hedge. Serge followed her close behind. In an instant she (ii) the water. Celine felt herself (iii) the water. She (iv) for Serge’s hand. Swept along under water, she was helpless swallowing mouthfuls (v) .

Choose the right answer
i) had disappeared below
ii) reached up
iii) being pulled under
iv) of filthy liquid
v) waded across


On a rainy morning, Shelly went out (i) . Shelly found a Labrador, who was whining (ii) . Shelly could not find out whom he (iii) because he had no collar. Shelly brought his First-Aid kit, the one with which he played (iv) . Shelly nursed his paw (v) .

Choose the right answer
i) as best as he could
ii) doctor and patient
iii) with a hurt paw
iv) belonged to
v) on the front porch


The painter found no one to serve as a model (i) . He was afraid that (ii) would remain unfinished. But one afternoon, he happened to see in the tavern (iii) . The fellow begged(iv) . The painter took him to his house and gave him wine, food and clothing. The beggar agreed to serve as a model for Judas. But to the painter’s surprise, he was also the model for (v) many years ago.

Choose the right answer
i) for wine
ii) a gaunt and tattered figure
iii) Judas Iscariot
iv) the Child Jesus
v) his masterpiece


Kumar was an (i) young man. He was living in a very comfortable and (ii) (iii) One day he stood staring out through the window. But he felt (iv) in his heart. His thought drilled to his house which was in (v) .

Choose the right answers
i) a narrow congested street
ii) an emptiness
iii) fully furnished
iv) intelligent and enterprising
v) in New York

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