English Parts of Speech

We simply put the words we use into eight basic categories. They are Noun, Pronoun, Adjective, Verb, Adverb, Preposition, Conjunction and Interjection.

These are the most basic elements of the English language.


A noun is  a naming word. Anything you name is a noun.
Gandhi, Sultan, road, boat, river, building, school, brotherhood  etc


A pronoun replaces  a noun. Most of the times it just replaces a noun.

"Pro" means for. The word is used instead of a noun so it is called pronoun, i.e for a noun.

Reka is a good girl. She is so cute.

In the above sentence the noun Reka is replaced by the pronoun she.


An adjective is a word which qualifies a noun or a pronoun. It gives a description of a noun or pronoun

Peppy is cute.

Here the word cute qualifies the noun Peppy.

He is tall.

Here the the word tall is describing the pronoun he.


The very word adverb means added to a verb! Thus it gives the manner in which the action takes place.

He ran fast.

Here the word fast shows us the manner how he ran.  Fast is an adverb, it is added to the verb ran.


It is a word which shows the relationship between two nouns.

The ball is on the table.

On being  a preposition, shows the relation ship between the ball and the table!


A conjunction is a connector. It connects two words or two clauses.

Veeramani and Prince are friends.

Here the noun Veeramani  is linked with the other noun Periyar with the conjunction 'and'.


Interjection is a word that shows sudden outburst of feelings.

Wow! What a shot!

In this sentence the word 'wow' is an interjection.


Confessions of a Sentimental Fool

They used to say 
I'm a sentimental fool
Let it be, Let it be.

If it is a weakness
Then it is my strength
Let my weakness be my strength 

It is nothing to me 
Yet it seems to be something 
Like a hungry monster,
It swallows me.

Being nothing is 
not really what it seems 
But how it means,
Let it be a boon or bane 
With out it I'm insane. 

Let it be a pain or gain 
Like my shadow 
It will sustain. 

Mythily Kasthuri Rengan 

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