Lesson Plan Buds to Blossoms

Class : IX Standard
Subject : English
Topic : Buds to Blossoms

Nature of the lesson
Lesson Type
Stand alone
90 minutes

1.Expected Learning Outcomes

The Pupils understand the lesson unit
They comprehend the lesson unit and find answers for the comprehensive questions.
They understand the new words in the lesson unit such as
i)  buds -  young flowers which are yet to be blossomed
ii) blossoms – bunch of flowers, can be noun and a verb
iii) pride of lions – group of lions. etc
They try to emulate the ideas discussed in the lesson unit namely, Perseverance, Hope, Knowing oneself and handling handicaps( both mental and physical) in a very positive mindset.

Teaching Materials

i) Dictionary   ii) Black board     iii) Chalk   iv) Text book

Teaching and Learning Process:
Motivation :

The teacher tells the class they are going to read nice stories. Story of Lion cub, and the story of little girl who is filled with hope,  the story of the treasure hunter and the story of a water bucket with a hole.
He also gives them the outlines of these stories.

2. Pair Work :

The teacher asks the class to sit in pairs  and to find out meaning for the new words in the dictionary. Then he asks them to locate the stories which he told them earlier.
They sit in pairs and start doing the tasks assigned to them.
Now he asks the comprehensive questions
How did the lion cub join the  sheep?
Expected answer :
The playful cub  lost its  way on chasing a butterfly and fell asleep. When he woke up he found himself in the company of  sheep.
Why did the older lion take the younger one to the pool?  Herd
Expected answer :
The older lion took the younger lion to the  pool because he  wanted the younger lion to realize his true nature (by seeing his  reflection on the  pool).
How did the young lion react on seeing  his image in the water?
Expected answer :
The young lion could not believe his real nature!
What  did Arjun Bajpai accomplish?
Arjun climbed Mt. Everest in spite  of  his  disability.
What did Helen Keller accomplish?
Though Helen was born blind and deaf she became an inspirational speaker and writer.
How should you face impediments?
I should face my impediments  with a positive mental attitude.

3.  Mind Map

Expected mind map from the pupils

4. Presentation

The pupils present their Mind map
They also present their answers for the comprehensive questions .
The teacher watches carefully and notes  down the mistakes and misunderstandings in the presentations. But he never points out these things  during the presentation session.
The teacher asks the class  to encourage the presenting team by clapping their hands.

5. Reinforcements:

The teacher develops the mind map  by asking lots of  questions and getting answers from the class. In the process he corrects the mistakes and misinterpretations indirectly.

6. Remedial Measures :

If any of the pupil finds it hard in any of the above steps  the teacher helps  them to overcome the problem.

7. Home assignments  :

The following assignments are given to the students.
Write the synonyms and antonyms of the lesson unit in your notebook.
Write the questions  and answers in your  note book.

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