Jarvis AI Just Another Very Intelligent System

JARVIS is an amazing artificial intelligence that appears in Marvel's Comic Universe. So for Marvel is leading the Indian Cinema with its Characters from Marvel Universe. Characters like Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow and Vision are almost household names among young audience of this subcontinent. 


Sam Fifth Exercise


Lets try to expand the following tips in to a twenty line paragraph ... 

will be beneficial in answering the paragraph question and also aid you in completing the mindmap and choose the best answer exercise! So it carries more than five marks in the public exam. 

The Hints 

Sam Fourth Exercise

Before lets begin the match the following exercise lets do a Expansion exercise.

Try to sketch the character of the dog Sam with the following tips.

Sam Third Exercise

Sam is the very first lesson on the supplementary reader. Most of you have enjoyed it.

Expansion of Ideas

Now try to sketch the character of Shelly form the following hints. Write about ten sentences..


  • a school boy
  • found the dog in the veranda
  • dog's temporary owner.
  • nursed the dog's hurt paw
  • first aid kit.


Sam Matching Exercise Two

Labrador Retriever

This a breed of dog, a very popular breed. It is popular because of its obedience and training capabilities. It is a number one guide dog for people with special needs. People who autistic, blind, and handicapped are helped by this breed. 


Sam an intro and Match the following exercise one

The supplementary reader unit one Sam deals with a real life incident. A hurt dog was found by a boy named Shelly. He nursed it, gave it a new name, Goldie. But his mother was very righteous person and put bills on the walls about the dog. As days moves on the dog and the boy became good friends, and the dog surprises him in several ways, in understanding commands, guiding him safe back home and taking him to school. The dog also became his playmate. But all of a sudden the boy has to disown the dog. Here is a test for you it will help you to gain 5 marks in the second paper.

The supplementary reader unit one Sam deals with a real life incident. A hurt dog was found by a boy named Shelly. He nursed it, gave it a new name, Goldie. But his mother was very righteous person and put bills on the walls about the dog. As days moves on the dog and the boy became good friends, and the dog surprises him in several ways, in understanding commands, guiding him safe back home and taking him to school. The dog also became his playmate. But all of a sudden the boy has to disown the dog. Here is a test for you it will help you to gain 5 marks in the second paper. Lesson 1 Sam

Lesson 1 Sam

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.

A Boy Called Top ..


It was an afternoon of hot summer day. I had to take classes under a scorching asbestos sheet, and that too was provided only after the so called Kumbokonam Incident. During such unbearable summer days we preferred to sit under a neem tree. We moved to the neem tree and started our session. However in the middle of the session the class leader told me that one his friends was missing since the recess. I was puzzled and inquired the students, to my surprise I came to know that thefellow had disappeared for the second time in a row, that too in the same week. 

If I have had any understanding of the locals and parents I would not have made that mistake. But I was unaware of the local peoples' mindset. I asked two of my students to visit his home and check if he was there. I added even if his parents say he was not there look for his foot ware   that may be near the front entrance. My little trackers became very interested and started their tracking exercise.

After thirty minutes they bounced back with sagged heads, and told me his house was locked and the neighbors were unaware of his misdeeds. My students told me that he will be back soon and there was nothing to worry. 

After a while, I heard a huge cry from the southern side of the school campus. To my horror I could see  a huge crowd of villagers proceeding towards the school. Very strangely I saw a woman rolling on the road. Her had was on the left end of the road and feet were on the right end! Strangely enough such a tall lady has a very short footed boy. 

The procession slowly reached the school and the teachers in the campus were confronted with all sorts of queries about the missing boy. One particular lady approached me in haste and started asking me the same question "where is the child?" She kept asking me the same question in the same angered voice a hundred times! Slowly my patience began to thaw. 

Luckily one of the senior teachers provided a solution. We will go hunt for the missing boy! 

The stupid crowd agreed and we took our bikes and started to visit all the possible places around the school. But he was found no where! 

After an hour of search we headed back to school and the crowd was waiting for us. We managed to handle them as their initial anger was reduced a bit. 

After another hour we saw the boy sitting on the carrier of a bicycle driven by a local mason. 

We raised up our heads to sky and thanked God. 

The mason introduced himself that he was the uncle of the boy, and he found him in the school campus located three kilometers away from our school! 

How on earth you guessed that sir I asked the mason. 

Sir,  years earlier I too have studied in the same school of yours,    I used to spin my top in the same place. It was that easy you know. "After all he is my nephew!" the mason said to me with a smile. 

Thus the little boy earned his name among his friends "pambarakkattai" that is wooden top in English. 

After several years I received a call from him, telling me that he was in a Thirupoor Textile Company and doing good. 

"May God bless you I", I said. 

will be  back with more   

Maternity Leave Clarification

These are the guidelines for taking maternity leave if the the teacher's service is less than one year. 

CPS Order by Director of Elementary Education

And now Teachers can get their Financial Benefit from CPS as per the guide lines issued by the Director.  


The confession of a Streetdance Clown

Greetings every one!

This is the second part of the previous post where I have written about a troublesome student, who had absconded from the classes to have a bite of his Meatball at home. In this post I would like to share my experience with another one of my problem child! He earned his name as "street dance clown". Here is how! 

In my  part of the world street dances are held during the summer, once they were part of a bygone culture, now the have degraded and defaced. In those dances a clown will pop  up during the performance and asks very silly questions to make the audience roar with laughter.

During the Public Exams I used to have special classes, they may even extent into nights! In the rural parts of Tamil Nadu it is essential to have such classes. There is very little awareness among the parents, and it reflect on the behavior of the children. The seldom study at home. Even the toppers suffer by their parents who are constantly quarreling in their tiny hut.

So it is unavoidable, teachers has to run an extra mile. In our school almost all the teachers are involved in such classes. During one those classes in the late hours of the evening, a boy gone missing! You can imagine my state of mind. It is really hard to explain the parents about the absent of the student. Though they are not ready to make amends  and give room for the studies of their children they will be asking all kind of questions. Questions which are really rough to face, and in tones with tonnes of hatred. 

With a bunch of butterflies on my stomach I inquired his friends and they have me a very surprising answer. They told me he had gone to the neighboring school where there was a dance fest of kids! I was really startled, a student who had his public exam on the following day had preferred to watch a dance programme to his studies!

I went to the school, located the seat of the boy, patted his shoulder and asked him to be back at school. Which he promptly did. When he reached the school I called him you street dance clown sit in your corner and prepare for the exams! 

Even after his schooling is over I call him by that name, and he give me smile and a nod of disgust, the guy is in his higher studies now. 

will be continued 

next A boy called Top(Pambarm) 


Meatball and a Streetdance clown

Students at the old  school premises, where  Mr. Sagyam IAS had his primary education!

On the other day I was busy making announcements to pupils who were about to board a van. We were at the Railway Station, Pudukkottai. We were on a educational trip to the station as the National Science Express was there.

As I was instructing  the students to stand in a queue I saw him, once of my old students, he was shocked to see me at the unexpected place. I understood that he was returning from his polytechnic college. Instantaneously I remembered his nick name, Meatball!

Readiness Programme – Dictionary Practice

Lesson Plan

IX Standard
Readiness Programme – Dictionary Practice

Expected Learning Outcomes :

(i).  The pupils understand the real value of dictionary practice and the sub skills associated with that.
(ii). They understand the way in which the words are listed in the dictionary
(iii). They fix the right meaning for the referred word.
(iv). They  also understand that one word may have various meanings and they have to fix the meaning according to the usage.
(v). They also know that a word may have more than one function ie., a word can act as a verb, noun, adjective, connector and so on.

Hand writing Readiness programme

Lesson Plan
IX Standard
Readiness Programme – Hand Writing

Expected Learning Outcomes :
(i).  The pupils develop and reinforce their knowledge of symbols and their written production
(ii). They get their motor skills  reinforced
(iii). They know the difference between top joiners, bottom joiners and non joiners.
(iv). They  know the shape and size and slant of a letter.
(v). The learn to produce the symbols in  a very fast manner, ie., they write fast with proper shape, size and slant.


Essential Listening Skill Practice for ESL Class Rooms

English has always been a language which possesses people, it is said in Korea people go under a knife to speak better English! The craze on English was such that the spend nearly one and half lakh rupees to have an operation on their tongue. They believe once the operation is done they can speak in right accent! Though linguist around the world warned that it is not wise, but nobody heeds. The craze goes on!


Project ELCOM

 ELCOM is an RMSA, Tamil Nadu State initiative towards empowering the rural students with perfect linguistic skills. It comprises of several components all focused on the betterment of the English Language Skills.  As for now it is a pilot project carried out only in select schools of the state. 

Though ELCOM consists of several ideas the pilot project has been limited to phonics and communicative skills. This post is a very brief introduction to phonics. 

What is phonics? Why is this important?

Phonics is a method of improving the phonemic awareness among the pupils and to help them to be efficient readers of English.  Phonics helps the learners to break the code of reading and to become avid readers. It takes out the hostility in the minds of the learner and makes it easy for them to read any given material.  It gives them reading autonomy! If a teacher is able to successfully carry out the course material  the pupils will be reading anything in English. Once they are able to read they should be given dictionary practice. This final step would make them independent readers! 

Well theoretically speaking, this is the goal. In this juncture lets share some ideas of phonics.

The 26 letters of the alphabet produces 44 speech sounds! Of these 19 sounds are  vowels, usually represented by symbols a,e,i,o,u  while the 25 consonant sounds are represented by b,c,d,fg,h,I,k,l,m,n,p,q,r,s,t,v,w,y and z. The symbol Y can make both a consonant sound as well as a vowel sound.  

Some sounds are represented by the combination of two letters.  They are called digraphs, they are like ‘oa’, ‘ee’, and ‘ai’. 

Practicing agencies. 

Plenty of agencies practice phonics around the world lead by army of qualified and well experienced professionals. Jolly Phonics and BBC’s Alphablocks are some the examples of such agencies. TN RMSA follows Jolly Phonics. You can type in the youtube search box ‘jolly phoincs’ and you will be drowned in the availability of clips.  You can also try Alphablocks.  

The development of communicative skill through project RMSA.

RMSA has given the project schools the clips of Jennifer English video channel of Youtube.  It is a massive collection for building skills in language functions like greetings, seeking for information, giving information, describing people and the like. 

ELCOM has lit a small candle in the darkest corners of Language classrooms around the state. 

We will see more in the next post. 


Ps: ELCOM official blog
       click here 

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