Fb Cover Photos of Ambedkar and a Comprehension -Composition Exercise

Here are the custom made cover photos of Ambedkar.

Just right click and use these pictures as your facebook cover photos.

Now read the following passages and answers the questions that follow:

Dr. B.R.Ambekar was India's first law minister, who was popularly referred as a great redeemer of the people who were unjustly kept as slaves. He fought for the equality, brotherhood and social acceptance. He was really very brave, as we cannot even discuss these things in public nowadays. Imagine the bravery of the man who was conducting rallies, addressing large crowds of people and giving inspirations for the downtrodden.

If you are able to relive the days of Ambedkar you will realize guts of this man! On those days the caste system were practiced vehemently, the lower cast people are not allowed to walk through the upper caste peoples' street. Ambedkar raised his voice against these injustice, he argued that it is inhuman to prevent the fellow human beings in the name of the caste system. He led a very painful life among the cruel people of those days.

Today more than one and a half lakh statues were installed in his memory! No other leader in the world comes near to these numbers.

Answer the following questions:

1) Who is Dr. Ambedkar?
2) What was the cause for his troubles?
3) Why is the lower caste people are not allowed in the streets?
4) What was Ambedkar's arugument about the  indifferent treatment received by the lower caste people?
5) After all these years of independence, what do you think is the current status of the caste system in India?

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