Project ELCOM

 ELCOM is an RMSA, Tamil Nadu State initiative towards empowering the rural students with perfect linguistic skills. It comprises of several components all focused on the betterment of the English Language Skills.  As for now it is a pilot project carried out only in select schools of the state. 

Though ELCOM consists of several ideas the pilot project has been limited to phonics and communicative skills. This post is a very brief introduction to phonics. 

What is phonics? Why is this important?

Phonics is a method of improving the phonemic awareness among the pupils and to help them to be efficient readers of English.  Phonics helps the learners to break the code of reading and to become avid readers. It takes out the hostility in the minds of the learner and makes it easy for them to read any given material.  It gives them reading autonomy! If a teacher is able to successfully carry out the course material  the pupils will be reading anything in English. Once they are able to read they should be given dictionary practice. This final step would make them independent readers! 

Well theoretically speaking, this is the goal. In this juncture lets share some ideas of phonics.

The 26 letters of the alphabet produces 44 speech sounds! Of these 19 sounds are  vowels, usually represented by symbols a,e,i,o,u  while the 25 consonant sounds are represented by b,c,d,fg,h,I,k,l,m,n,p,q,r,s,t,v,w,y and z. The symbol Y can make both a consonant sound as well as a vowel sound.  

Some sounds are represented by the combination of two letters.  They are called digraphs, they are like ‘oa’, ‘ee’, and ‘ai’. 

Practicing agencies. 

Plenty of agencies practice phonics around the world lead by army of qualified and well experienced professionals. Jolly Phonics and BBC’s Alphablocks are some the examples of such agencies. TN RMSA follows Jolly Phonics. You can type in the youtube search box ‘jolly phoincs’ and you will be drowned in the availability of clips.  You can also try Alphablocks.  

The development of communicative skill through project RMSA.

RMSA has given the project schools the clips of Jennifer English video channel of Youtube.  It is a massive collection for building skills in language functions like greetings, seeking for information, giving information, describing people and the like. 

ELCOM has lit a small candle in the darkest corners of Language classrooms around the state. 

We will see more in the next post. 


Ps: ELCOM official blog
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