Readiness Programme – Dictionary Practice

Lesson Plan

IX Standard
Readiness Programme – Dictionary Practice

Expected Learning Outcomes :

(i).  The pupils understand the real value of dictionary practice and the sub skills associated with that.
(ii). They understand the way in which the words are listed in the dictionary
(iii). They fix the right meaning for the referred word.
(iv). They  also understand that one word may have various meanings and they have to fix the meaning according to the usage.
(v). They also know that a word may have more than one function ie., a word can act as a verb, noun, adjective, connector and so on.

Teaching Materials:

a.  Dictionary,    b. black board   c. model sentences and words for practice


What do you think is the beautiful thing about dictionary practice ?
Dictionary practice is one of the key ingredient of language learning. It makes you an autonomous learner. Yes, you no need to depend upon your teacher, brother or elders to know the meaning of the word.

The Learning experience:

The teacher writes the following sentence in the black board
It is time to tie  your tie.

In the above example tie, has two meanings. It is a verb and also a noun. 
‘to tie’ is verb

Tie – is a noun, depicting an accessory of a dress code. 
Similarly the word run has several meanings.

1.  To manage, as in -   Karuppiah thinks he runs the hotel, but he wouldn’t cope without his wife. 
2. To offer a service, as in - I’m sorry this school doesn’t run musical classes.
3. To hurry, as in -  We’d better run or we’ll miss the bus.
4. To lead or go in one direction, from one place to another, as in – The bus runs from Pudukkottai to Annavasal.
5. To make some liquid flow, as in – It’s such a hot day. The first thing I do when I get home is run a cool bath for me.
6. Colour runs – fades and  absorbed by other things,  as in – All my white shirts are yellow now, because the colour ran from my yellow T-shirt, which is also dipped in the bucket.
So it is very important to fix the right meaning to the context.

Home Assignments:
Bring in the four lined handwriting notebook regularly. Teaching Learning Process:

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