Sam Fifth Exercise


Lets try to expand the following tips in to a twenty line paragraph ... 

will be beneficial in answering the paragraph question and also aid you in completing the mindmap and choose the best answer exercise! So it carries more than five marks in the public exam. 

The Hints 

  • a school boy
  • dog's temporary owner
  • nursed the dog's hurt paw.
  • first aid kit.
  • named the dog as Goldy
  • found the dog in the veranda
  • longest wait for dog's owner 
  • dog's real name
  • guiding Diane
  • hurt paw
  • Goldy
  • Labrador
  • no collar and harness
  • followed Shelly to School
  • played Frisbee and Football with Shelly
  • reunited with Diane
  • name given by Shelly
  • Labrador (a kind of gun dog) 
Shelly's Mother
  • wanted to find the dog's owner 
  • advertised in the news paper
  • allowed Shelly to keep the dog
  • Brought a new chew toy for Sam/Goldy
  • blind lady
  • dog's real owner
  • white cane and sunglasses 
  • separated by an accident
  • offered Shelly to visit Sam anytime

If you go through this very often you will be benefited in many ways during the exam. 

Now try the fifth match the following exercise

Sam 4

Sam 4

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
Shelly's Mother
Thank You
They were separated

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