Sam Third Exercise

Sam is the very first lesson on the supplementary reader. Most of you have enjoyed it.

Expansion of Ideas

Now try to sketch the character of Shelly form the following hints. Write about ten sentences..


  • a school boy
  • found the dog in the veranda
  • dog's temporary owner.
  • nursed the dog's hurt paw
  • first aid kit.
  • Gave the dog a new name, Goldy
  • played with the dog
  • Frisbee, Football
  • Went to school, 
  • guided by the dog safely 
  • became good friends 
 Now try to write a paragraph on the character of Shelly.

Try this match the following exercise ..
Sam 3

Sam 3

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
No Collar
First Aid Kit
Notice in Paper

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