The confession of a Streetdance Clown

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This is the second part of the previous post where I have written about a troublesome student, who had absconded from the classes to have a bite of his Meatball at home. In this post I would like to share my experience with another one of my problem child! He earned his name as "street dance clown". Here is how! 

In my  part of the world street dances are held during the summer, once they were part of a bygone culture, now the have degraded and defaced. In those dances a clown will pop  up during the performance and asks very silly questions to make the audience roar with laughter.

During the Public Exams I used to have special classes, they may even extent into nights! In the rural parts of Tamil Nadu it is essential to have such classes. There is very little awareness among the parents, and it reflect on the behavior of the children. The seldom study at home. Even the toppers suffer by their parents who are constantly quarreling in their tiny hut.

So it is unavoidable, teachers has to run an extra mile. In our school almost all the teachers are involved in such classes. During one those classes in the late hours of the evening, a boy gone missing! You can imagine my state of mind. It is really hard to explain the parents about the absent of the student. Though they are not ready to make amends  and give room for the studies of their children they will be asking all kind of questions. Questions which are really rough to face, and in tones with tonnes of hatred. 

With a bunch of butterflies on my stomach I inquired his friends and they have me a very surprising answer. They told me he had gone to the neighboring school where there was a dance fest of kids! I was really startled, a student who had his public exam on the following day had preferred to watch a dance programme to his studies!

I went to the school, located the seat of the boy, patted his shoulder and asked him to be back at school. Which he promptly did. When he reached the school I called him you street dance clown sit in your corner and prepare for the exams! 

Even after his schooling is over I call him by that name, and he give me smile and a nod of disgust, the guy is in his higher studies now. 

will be continued 

next A boy called Top(Pambarm) 

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