Is this a university or a school?

Poet Thangam Moorthy, (in blue shirt) along with students and staff

Sometimes great things happen in our circles and we are unaware of them. We are so carried away by our own life and we choose to pay our attention in some other things. 

But when we came to know those things we tend to feel shy, and guilty. 

Recently I had one such experience. 

I had to meet one of my roll models, Poet. Thangam Moorthy, an educationist. These are really testing days for a man who is running an educational institution. Parents pour in from all the direction with all sorts of queries. Often it results in a rise in the blood pressure, but the poet has mastered the art of playing it cool. His very long experience has seasoned him to face the pressure. 

I met him in the late evening, even then his office was packed with visitors, and most surprisingly he has time for them, he greets them in a very amicable manner.    

As I was watching all this, I remembered a girl, who was in standard ninth. Then I was working in some other school in Pudukkottai. This particular girl was a real headache for us for she was not performing in her exams. We tried all our tricks and our efforts failed pathetically. 

No other go, we had to send her out. 

She was out.

Later I came to know that she had enrolled herself in Sri Venkateshwara Matric HSS. I felt sorry for the staff members of the school. 

After a year I was riding in the street near  Mariyamman temple adjacent to Sri Venkateshwara School, I could see  a large banner promoting the school. 

For several others it was just another promotional board, but for me it was a surprise, even made my heart slip a beat. 

Guess what, the girl who was sent out by us was smiling in the board! 

She has scored more than four hundred marks! 

Only then I realize Sri Venkateshwara has a magical environment by which it switches on the learning mechanisms of the challenged  learners. 

I was recalling this and then the poet called me, Come with me I am going to see the classrooms. Instead of idling away in his office room the short walk will refresh me, so I joined him. 

The time was nearing nine p.m in the night, and I was rather surprised by the measures he is taking to ensure the quality of his institution. 

So I went with him, we entered into a class room, decorated with spectacular paintings on the wall, and more than that it had a smart board. 

A LED projector was erected on the roof.  I took some photographs and we headed to the second room, the same things were there, while the first room has a blue theme, the second room had a yellow theme. 

In the second class room also I saw a smart board, Loyed Split A/C, and an L.C.D Projector! 

I shoot some pictures and went into the third room, which has a green theme and all the same educational tech. 

I was hugely surprised, and I told him "Three Projectors!", It is really  a great thing in our town. 

Poet.Thangam Moorthy suddenly stopped and looked at me as if I was from some other planet! 

Hi, Not three projectors, all my classrooms have one, I have installed forty of them!

I was thunderstruck, and I had to pull myself together, and visited few more classrooms which are installed with projectors and smart boards.

There is one more surprise for me, the class rooms did not have black boards. The only chance of teaching and learning activity is through smart boards  only! 

and what is more all the staff members  were trained to inculcate these tech in their sessions. 

Truly it was an awesome experience for me ... 

I remember a sentence of my friend Bhuvaneshwaran, District Treasury Officer, Singampunari, 

As we were opening the gift  packs received by his brother on his marriage one gift was so cool and we ran our eyes over the label.

It read "Best wishes, from Thangam Moorthy"

"No matter how small the gift material was the poet always scores", said Bhuvan. 

 If a man could make you speak about the smallest of his gifts,  what can he do to a gift that he was going to give for a entire life time? 

No wonder the slogan for Sri Venkateshwara School reads "Generations will remember, quality education is our promise". 

While most the of other schools are boasting that they have smart class tech in their campus, Venkateshwara School has become 100 %  smart campus. 

The poet has really set an unbreakable standard in School Education, always leading ahead! 

I wish a grand success for the notable endeavour!

Sri Venkateshwara School has put Pudukkottai in the map of Smart Schools of India. Really a proud moment for Pudukkottai People, and gifted year for avid parents who are looking for quality institution for their kids. 

Kasthuri Rengan


Captain America: Civil War 2016

It was a huge surprise for me to watch this movie, the surprise was not because of the CGI used in the movie or the story line! I have a mind blowing experience in the theater watching the movie among   my fellow audience who were raising the roof with their wolf whistles. I have heard wolf whistles in theaters  as they were raised for a local mega star but this time it is for Captain America and his crew. It was really a cool experience. I have never imagined that Marvel's comic heroes would have such very strong fan base. 


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Poem Paraphrase Practice for TN X Standard English -1

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Extend the uniform and noon meal scheme up to twelfth standard a demand from Tamil Nadu Aasiriyar Munnetra Sangam.

Tamil Nadu Aasiriyar Munnetra Sangam had held a state level research seminar on “Student welfare needs and expectations”, at 7th May 2010, at the Municipal Middle School, Santhaipettai, Pudukkottai. In the seminar teachers have submitted their research on the quality improvements needed in the student welfare activities and the language examination pattern.

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