Pro-student demands from a Teachers Federation!

Extend the uniform and noon meal scheme up to twelfth standard a demand from Tamil Nadu Aasiriyar Munnetra Sangam.

Tamil Nadu Aasiriyar Munnetra Sangam had held a state level research seminar on “Student welfare needs and expectations”, at 7th May 2010, at the Municipal Middle School, Santhaipettai, Pudukkottai. In the seminar teachers have submitted their research on the quality improvements needed in the student welfare activities and the language examination pattern.

The district president C. Muthusamy chaired  the seminar in the presence of Deputy President of the State S. Panner Selvam, Dharmapuri Matheswaran, State Station Secretary D. Arulkumar, Law Advisor of the State G.Raja, and the District Secretary of the women wing D.Nagalaxmi.     State President K.Thiyagarajan,and  Sate Secretary Ramesh had delivered special addresses over the issues discussed in the seminar. State  coordinator  A. Manikandan welcomed the participants.

One of the research team heads, Kasthuri Rengan  submitted his paper on the psychological challenges and unnecessary burden suffered by the students facing the Government Exams. The paper demanded to eradicate the stressful two paper exam system and to implement single paper with internal marks to improve the aural and oral skill of the students.

Another research team head T. Jegadeeswaran submitted his paper on the quality interventions to be implemented in the noon meal scheme and the need to extend it up to the twelfth standard. He also puts forth the need for breakfast and evening tiffin.

The research team head for quality improvements in the welfare schemes for the students M. Muthukkumar submitted a paper listing out the substandard materials supplied to the pupil. The uniforms supplied by the system is not  in proper shape and size. They don’t fit well as they were not in proper measurements. Even the foot ware supplied to the students does not suit the pupils.

Govravan, The district president of Dharmapuri, Shanmugam, The district president of Kanchipuram, Netaji, Past President of  Thiruchi, Govindarajan, President, Arantangi Educational District, Senthil Kumar, President Pudukkottai Educational District, District Representatives Nayagm, Rajangam, Nadimuthu, Marimuthu, Mukesh, and Head Masters Vijayamanickam, Rajandren, Venkatasubramaniyan, Dayalan, Veeramani had taken part in the seminar actively. District Treasurer R.Senthil Kumar delivered his  vote of thanks. 

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