Prose Comprehension Exercise -1

Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow
        It was a busy street adjacent to a hospital. Suddenly a man was darting out from the hospital. He was running mad on the street.

        A pedestrian in the road saw him and wanted to help him.  He stopped him and inquired why he was running out the hospital.

       “They are going to operate on me”, said the patient. His face was so pale and he was shivering like a poor chicken on a thunderstorm.

        The pedestrian consoled him that the medical tech has achieved tremendous improvements and there was nothing to worry about the operation at all.

       “Yes sir, the nurse said it too!” replied the panic stricken patient.

       “Then what are you worried about?”, asked the caring pedestrian.

       “Bro the nurse told that to the doctor not to me!”

1. Why did the patient run out the hospital?
2. Who stopped him?
3. What did the pedestrian asked the patient?
4. What was the advise given by the pedestrian to the   patient?
5. What  made the patient to run out of the hospital in panic?

For answer key click here 

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