The Wooden Bowl Lesson Plan

Subject : English Time Taken : 90 mts
Standard : VIII
Topic : The Wooden Bowl
Type of the lesson : S
tand Alone
Mode  of Learning : Pair Learning

Introduction ;
1. What is your father’s name ?
2. What is your grandfather’s name ?
3. Have you heard stories for your grandma?

New words
a) Fleecy – wooly b) disposed – sad c) confronted – faced  d) imaginary – not real
e) harshly – rudely f) shattered – broke

Mind Map
It is given in a separate sheet as master mind map.

Consolidation :
Anbu’s father was a farmer’s son.
His grand parents lived in Karamedu near Coimbatore
Anbu and his parents brought their grandfather after grandma’s death.
Grandpa felt lonely in the city.
The only bond that kept the old man attached to life was his relationship with his grandson.
Some times his mother was very impatient with him, especially the days hen his hands trembled.
One night he dropped his bowl of porridge.
Anbu’s mother cleaned up the floor, murmuring and mumbling  all the while.
Suddenly Anbu whittle a small piece of wood to make wooden bowl, for his parents.
On seeing this Anbu’s mother took his grandpa by his hand to the dining table.


Match the following.
Attention did not spoil him
Anbu was helpless
Anbu took a piece of wood and started to whittling it
Anbu was not egoistic
There were many question in his mind.
Anbu taught his parent’s a lesson


FA(a) Collect the pictures and make an album of old people (or) Make family tree

FA(b) 1. What would Anbu’s father tell him?
           2. Why did Anbu started making a wooden bowl?

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