Lesson Plan for the poem Laugh and Be Merry by John Masefild

IX Standard
Title of the Lesson
Laugh and Be Merry (Poem) by John Masefield
Nature of the Lesson
Stand Alone
Group Study, Oral Drill, and Individual Study
Unit consolidation
Page     Page
Learning Skills
Appreciation, Oral Reading, Analyzing, Comprehending and synthesizing

Expected Learning Outcomes:        
(i)                 The pupils enjoy the poem.
(ii)               They identify the rhyming scheme aabb
(iii)             They identify  the rhyming words in the poem song- wrong, span-man etc.
(iv)              They come out with an appreciation for the poem.
Warming up:
When do you sing a song?
What happens when a hardworking group sings during the hard labour?

Glossary :
a)      Better the world with a song-
Sing a lovely song so that the world around you looks beautiful.
b)     Be merry – be happy
Teaching Learning Materials :
a)      Dictionary      b) text book  

Gist of the poem
The life is very short and every moment counts. It is important to celebrate every moment of it. So we must laugh, be merry and sing. We should also act against evil. The poet asks us to blow the teeth of a wrong so that world gets better.
Learning Activities (Visual, Auditory, Tactile[Kinesthetic])

Group Work
The teacher read the poem aloud, the pupils follow. They enjoy the rhyming sounds in the poem.
They are seated in groups and to develop a mind map of the poem.

Mind Map

Presentation :
The pupils present their mind maps  in groups and the class listen to it.
The teacher completes the mind map.
(i)                 How can this world be a better place to live  in?
Expected answer
This world can be a better place if we fight against evil and sing a song. 
Laugh for the time is brief a thread the length of a span.
What is the poetic device used here.
Life is like a game – smile
Write an appreciation for the poem.
Remedial Measures :
If necessary proper steps are taken to ensure that the pupils are on track.
Home Assignments
(i)                 Note book submission

(ii)               A Short test 

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