Model Millionaire Lesson Plan

Class : X Standard
Subject : English
Topic : Model Millionaire

Expected Learning Outcomes:

(i).  The pupils millionaire understand the new words in the lesson unit and acquire their meanings, words such as
a) millionaire - a person whose assets are worth one million pounds or dollars or more.
b) profile – outline of the face
c) ragged – untidy

(ii) They read the lesson unit and findout the answers for the comprehensive questions

(iii) They build their vocabulary through the synonyms antonyms in the lesson unit

(iv) They use the words in their own sentence

Expected Sentences

My uncle is a millionaire
Joe has a perfect profile.
His shirt is ragged.
(v) They improve their skills in LSRW.

Teaching Materials 

a) Dictionary
b) Black board
c) Chalk
d) Text book

Teaching and Learning Process


  • Have you ever seen a painting? Describe it. How was it? Was it beautiful? 
  • Do you know the price of Mono Lisa is more than 50 thousand crores!
  • How do you thing paintings  are drawn?
  • How much do you think a model is given to pose for a picture?

The teacher tells the gist of the lesson.

This is a lesson about a millionaire who was very noble. We have a handsome young man named Hughie, and a beautiful young lady, Lara. They wanted to be united by marriage.
Now find out more from the text.

Group Work

They pupils sit in groups and explore the text and find meanings for the new words. They also mark the answers for the comprehensive questions.

First Silent Reading

The  pupils read the lesson individually and answers the comprehensive questions. They red out answers from the book.

Second Silent Reading 

Then the read the lesson unit again. Now they answer the comprehensive questions with out the help of the book.

What was Hughie’s financial status?
He was broke. [expected answer].

Remedial Measures:

If any of the pupils has any sort of trouble in performing the above mentioned steps they are given adequate practice.

Home Assignments.

Describe Hughie’s experiences with the beggar model. 

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