Few snapshots of TN Ed Scenario

Tamil Nadu

Jacto Geo is rolling up the sleeve to fight for the right...

These are strange days, The ruling party's supremo had promised that she will provide proper pension scheme, ie GPF scheme to the government employees.

But after her mysterious demise, her party men came to power after much drama.

When the representatives of Jacto Geo refereed to their wrest while supremo's promise of GPF to the government employees, the current Chief Minister gave a shocking response.

"Amma said so, I am not Amma" (then why the heck he should continue in power ?)

This ridiculous, irresponsible highly degrading act of the ruling party resulted in very long strike which lasted for 9 days.

Even after these 9 days the government did not relent, but the court interfered and forced the employees to return to their duties.

The Government has appeared in the court and given explanations, and  said it had implemented the pay hike as per the 7th pay commission of the central government.

The pay matrix was flawed and faulty, and the employees are planning a strike again.

t is fitting example, that  if selfish people come to power people suffer, and they never care. 


In shorts extended

Newton is making waves, and it has been officially nominated for the Oscars!
It has been a habit of  Ragubir Yadav to nominate his films for Oscars.

 When I saw the trailer I thought that Newton will be another PK, for it was made in a lighter mood oddly enough for the very serious subject it handles.   It would have been more painful for Rajkumar to endure the loss.

In shorts ... a great experience

Recently I have installed a news app named Inshorts... it is simply great.

Gives great news in rapid succession, and technically speaking it has an advantage of fb sharing. It converts the news images and news text into one picture and upload it into your timeline.


Here are some of them.
Nice news indeed.

You to China ?

Giant Feat by the the tech giants ...


Why Tamil Nadu mourns the demise of Anitha

To my friends in north India and across the globe...
for the past twenty four hours Tamil Nadu is flooded with tears for a young girl.
Your media will never tell you the truth.


Tesla - Gigafactory

Tesla is associated with next gen entrepreneurship.

Elon Musk is our contemporary Nicola Tesla, he had radically changed the auto industry with his Tesla Electric Cars.

These high performing lithium ion powered cars have  become a huge success in the US.

He is building a new factory it cannot be called a huge facility, it cannot be called a mega factory, it is indeed Gigafactory!

Wish to seek an opening in this  facility.        


Concept, Contour and Content Maps Standard wise Maps

These are the maps part 2

Just download and get them printed and keep them along with your lesson plan.

Download Now

Concept, Contour and Content Maps

The ICT expert team at the RMSA has produced the most essential maps for lesson plan.

It is now an easy job.

You can click the link below and download them and get them printed out.

Great reference material which will be handy while writing a lesson plan.

Here is the Link

Download the Maps   

New Lesson Plan Models RMSA

RMSA Lesson Plan Models

Kindly Download the PDF


Spiderman - Homecoming 2017

It seems finally Spiderman has come home!

The earlier franchises of the Spiderman are very serious. This franchise is a daring attempt indeed.


The MUMMY 2017

When the trailers of this movie first hit the youtube, I was astounded. Though the mummy franchise  was my all time fouvarite, I did not have the slightest clue that Tom Cruise will be starring the reboot. 


Beef is my right- a Poem by Sukirtharani

Poetess Sukirtha Rani

CPI - ML Liberation
10 hrs ·

SUKIRTHARANI, a dalit woman poet from Tamilnadu has come out with an excellent poem on the recent ban on cattle sale.

It is definitely difficult to bring out the agony and anger that have found a blast in this poem in another language.


A Letter to Arnab Gowswamy


Mr. Arnab Gowswamy,

I am writing this open letter regarding the show on 26.05.2017 at 10PM in which I too was a participant. During the course of that show you arrogantly told me “I have handled bigger leaders than you”. Perhaps that was the only truth you said in that entire show. This one sentence alone is enough to show your ego, arrogance and pettiness. I have never claimed that I am a big leader. Just as you have handled much bigger leaders than me, I have had the privilege of talking to anchors who are honest, gentle, decent, civilized and knowledgeable than you. You have every right to imagine that you have a larger than life image. But my impression about you is that you are not only biased and prejudiced but also that you lack substance, integrity, credibility and even confidence as a journalist. I am sure that you are well aware of your weaknesses and I have always felt that the screams and outbursts you often make are your frustrated attempts to cover up the confidence deficit.

You are the most unethical journalist I have ever seen. On 26.05.2017 I got a call from your channel requesting my time for a debate (!) “On Three Years of Modi Government” between 10 to 10.15PM. When I reached Asianet (with whom you have a tie up) studio as directed by your person by around 9.50 I saw Mr. Ravi Shankar Prasad on screen and came to know that the discussion on Modi Government was about to conclude. Then I immediately asked the Asianet employees in Palakkad Studio to reconfirm the topic for which I had been invited. Aravind, an Asianet employee contacted your channel in my presence and reconfirmed the topic as ‘3 Years of Modi Government’. Then suddenly I came to know on air that you have changed the topic to the alleged “Kodiyeri’s Speech Against Army”. I could have boycotted the show at that moment but I chose to remain because in my absence you may repeatedly scream the lie that I ran away from the show. I wanted to avoid such a situation and tried to present my views on the fabricated story.

Whatever little time I got in between your uncivilized outbursts I repeatedly countered your biased statements that Com. Kodiyeri insulted Indian Army. I said that not a single TV Channel in Kerala including your own Asianet have taken this up as a topic of debate and this was not at all controversy in Kerala because everybody knew that his comments were only against the atrocities committed in the name of AFSPA and not against the army. Still you continued your accusations against the CPI(M) as part of your prepared screenplay. I drew your attention to the Supreme Court Order on 27.04.2016 to investigate all the 1528 murders in Manipur done by security forces under the AFSPA. You ignored that inconvenient fact, probably because you might not have keenly observed such issues related to AFSPA. (After all the sort of journalism, anchoring in your case, which depends more on the ability to make as much noise as possible does not require careful reading, updation, thorough knowledge of the topic and keen observation. People like you can survive with your voice alone and without your brain.) Then you, like a coward, safely surrounded by a Sangh brigade continued spitting venomous lies against CPI(M) without even giving me an opportunity to intervene. Despite my repeated statements that we have never insulted the Indian Army you deliberately put the subtitle “Against Army” with my picture on the screen. This can only be seen as the dirty act of a loyal servant to appease your immediate boss Rajeev Chandrasekhar and your ultimate masters the Sangh Parivar.

It was evident from your substandard and abusive remarks against the CPI(M) that your sense of history is poorer than that of a primary school child. Your teacher of history in school would have been much ashamed to see the shameless and naive expression of your ignorance on history. If you wish to learn the role of the communists in the Indian freedom struggle, I can suggest some pamphlets used for beginners because you may not be able to digest any serious work of history. When I told you that it is not the communists but VD Savarkar who betrayed the freedom struggle by sending repeated clemency petitions to the British Government it appeared as if you were hearing about it for the first time in your life. I can send the copies of those clemency petitions for your kind perusal so that the next time you can be better prepared to defend your ‘patriotic’ Hindutva masters. You can also think of arranging a tuition to help you in acquiring some basic facts about our history.

Any way, if you work hard to overcome your deficiencies you may be able to improve your understanding of various topics to some extent. But I am not sure, whether at this age you will be able to develop the basic norms of conduct, culture and civilized behavior. Many of these qualities owe much to the manner in which we were brought up in our childhood.

Here I must tell you that to me, the army is not simply a newsroom experience. I was born in a military hospital and my entire childhood was spent in an army environment. Arnab, I am the proud son of a father who served in the Indian army for long years. He fought in the 1971 war as well. As the ward of a veteran, I've also partaken in the sacrificial living of an army family, like several others. Now, tell me, apart from your highly hypocritic and extremely dramatic expressions in the name of army, only to raise ratings, what have you genuinely done for our army?

My last piece of suggestion to you, the self proclaimed ambassador of the army, is to find time to watch the recording of your “performances” at least once. Then you will realise how disgusting it is and will definitely search for some other career options. Till you find time to do that we will have no other option but to bear with the high levels of pollution created by your senseless utterances.

I dare to write this to you because neither am I a big leader as you rightly said, nor do I wish to become one.

My best wishes and regards



Alien Covenant

David an immortal robot, a huge space ship, and a space crew on a hazardous journey hunted by an alien predator.

Ridley Scott has been spinning off movies of a dystopian future.

What bores me is his cruel presentation of alien and their ability to kill people. Almost all his alien series portray the dismal of mankind and its fall to an unmatched alien species.

The very first alien movie which was released in 1979 had an anticlimax, the heroine appears to be  victorious but  was infected by the formidable alien and the  curtain drops.
I hope Ridley actually enjoys  the fall of mankind. In all his alien series he never compromised his policy. The wicked, selfish mankind is defeated by the alien. No mater what, he succeeds in the end.
Ridley might have been inspired by the new testament’s revelations chapter.

As expected this sequel of alien is also had a very dark climax with an apt music, “entry of the Gods into Valhalla”.

Michael Fassbender, had proved his mettle in performing a double act in this movie, as David, and Walter an immortal robot.

In the initial sequence of the movie the solar sail is breath taking. Though your mind says it is cg you would not  help enjoying the sequence.

It is a regular Ridley Scott alien movie, a space crew recruited to be killed by the alien, as usual the alien preys on the cast, breaking glass, infecting in all possible  ways, and pops out from infected human bodies.

If you love cgi, and wanted to see what can be  achieved thorough  such tech, then you should not miss this movie.

The spot in which Walter recites Ozymandias is cool indeed.

Wagner’s Entry of the Gods in to Valhalla, is used in the beginning and in the climax of the movie, hinting the climax of the movie.


Baahubali 2- is really worth the hype?

Raja Mouli is undoubtedly one the greats of mainstream film industry of India. This guy has a habit of making his films a huge grosser. He had even spun his yarn around a fly and made it a black buster!

A doctors strange experience with an unexpected patient

I witnessed something strange today ,a myth breaking reality. A  patient walked into our reception with her entourage.


Rate of interest for the period 01.04.2017 to 30.06.2017 -PROVIDENT FUND-G.O. No.102 Dt: April 25, 2017

G.O. No.102 Dt: April 25, 2017   - PROVIDENT FUND– General Provident Fund (Tamilnadu) – Rate of interest for the period 01.04.2017 to 30.06.2017 – Orders – Issued.

click to download 


Lab assistant selection list 2017 Pudukkottai district

Lab assistant selection list 2017 Pudukkottai district

File One
File Two
File Three

Tronbrook wishes the selected staff members for a successful and memorable service.

Illustrated SSLC Supplementary Reader

English II Paper

SSLC Supplementary Reader illustrated click to download

Prepared by
Sundar M
BT Asst,
GHSS - Chokkanathanputhur.
Virudhunagar DT 626121
Cell: 9791990023


Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation system

The Government of Tamil Nadu have taken radical and positive steps in the recent past in the direction of child friendly learning. At present, children are examined only at the end of the academic year and the scholastic areas of children are alone tested, whereas co-scholastic are neglected. Overall personality development of children depends both on scholastic and coscholastic areas and hence, the assessment has to be continuous all throughout the year. Realizing this, the State is introducing an evaluation system which is Continuous and Comprehensive in nature (CCE) from the academic year 2012-13 for classes I to VIII and for IX and X in 2013-14, in the G.O. second read above and it has also been ordered therein that the Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation system will be an integral part of the trimester system.

download file

Selection Grade Clarification

Selection Grade Clarification



Renumeration  for exam duty has been increase as per GO 306


Pension details


Exam Hand Book by DGE for March 2017

DGE has released exam hand book for March 2017.

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Click Here for Role Wise Hand Books 

Regularization Orders for TRB PGs of 2011 and 2012

Regularization Orders for TRB PGs of 2011 and 2012


Regularization Orders for TRB PGs of 2011 and 2012

Regularisation orders for TRB appointed PGs of 2011 and 2012.

Click Here the Get the File 

Regularization Orders for TRB BTs of 2008 and 2009

Regularisation order for the BT teachers who were selected by the TRB in 2008 and 2009..

Click Here to get the pdf

Guideline Regarding obtaining No objection Certificate before applying for Passport or undertaking any foreign trip.

 Rule 24-A of the TNGSC Rules 1973.

 The intention of this Rule is for obtaining of No objection Certificate before
applying for passport or undertaking any foreign trip by the Government Servant.

Compulsory Education For Children -GO in Tamil

Government Order for Compulsory Education For Children (Tamil version)

Click for the order

Finance (Pension) Department Proceedings.


SSLC English I Paper Question No. 50

Question number 50 in the English I Paper carries 10 marks.
Some simple tricks to score full marks.
 Read the questions first. This helps you to scan the passage for exact answer more quickly.  Sometimes the second question will answer the first question. So read all the question and then read the passage.  This approach saves time.

Kanesen Kathirvels Materials for SSLC

Kanesan is one of the best teachers in Pudukkottai district.

Some of the study materials he had prepared is here for the student access.

PTA Synonyms and Antonyms 

Second Paper Study Material One

Hope these materials will help our pupils in great deal. 


YAST ... Synonym online test SSLC I Paper

Try this exercise 

Choose the appropriate synonyms of the underlined words            5x1=5
      Vishals greatest (i) accomplishment is his ability to(ii) articulate his words. But the task was(iii) exacting when he went through his training. Today he can speak  a (iv) torrent of words without making a mistake either in pronunciation or intonation. His (v)exceptional skill has won him many awards in oratorical competition.

Sukanya Samriddhi account (SSA) - Premature closure of account

Though the duration of the Sukanya Samriddhi account is 21 years from the date of the opening of the account but request for premature closure can be made after 5 years from the date of opening of account in following scenarios :


DTE is equal to + 2 regarding

Trimester GO under 110 rule at TNLA

“the Trimester pattern will be introduced in all schools in Tamil Nadu from the next academic year in order to reduce the load of the books on children as it causes physical strain to them. Accordingly, instead of having a single voluminous text book for each subject for the whole year, the academic year would be divided into three terms and for each term, there will be separate text book for each subject. At the end of each term, the Examination would be conducted under Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation. This would drastically eliminate worries, fearness and depression of the students besides reducing the physical strain caused by the load of books.”

to download the entire definition click here  

TET 82 Marks

The Government order regarding 82 Marks for TET Qualification
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M.Phil seeking permission after completion of the course

 The teachers of Tamil Nadu requires  prior permission to pursue their M.Phil Course. Here is a clarification from the government regarding this.
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Profession Tax Exemption

Print the image file for the go 


In exercise of the powers conferred by the proviso to article 309 of the
Constitution of India and of all other powers here unto enabling and in supersession
of the rules on the subject, the Governor of Tamil Nadu hereby makes the following
rules in respect of the members of State and Subordinate Services:—
1. Short title and commencement - (a) These rules may be called the Tamil
Nadu State and Subordinate Services Rules.
 (b) They shall come into force on the 1st January 1955.
2. Definitions - In these rules unless there is anything repugnant in the subject
or context.


1. Constitution:- The service shall consist of the following categories of officers, namely:-
Non-Gazetted Personal Assistants.
Office Managers, Research Assistant of Tamil Nadu Archives
Office Assistants
Store-Superintendent of the Agriculture Department
Superintendent (Cash) of the Police Department


(G.O.Ms.No.2226, Public (Services-A), 18th August 1973)
 In exercise of the powers conferred by the proviso to Article 309 of the Constitution of India, the
Governor of Tamil Nadu hereby makes the following Rules:-

 1. Short title and application:- (1) These rules may be called the Tamil Nadu
Government Servants' Conduct Rules, 1973.
 (2) They apply to all person appointed to civil services and posts in connection with the affairs
of the State of Tamil Nadu (other than members of the All-India Services who are subject to the All
India Services (Conduct) Rules, 1968 and Subordinate Police Officers who are subjects to the Tamil
Nadu Subordinate Police Officers' Conduct Rules, 1964), whether on duty, leave or on foreign service.

 Unless otherwise provided, these rules shall not apply to the Advocate-General, Government
Pleaders and Public Prosecutors and other officials who are not full-time officers but are engaged by
the Government without prejudice to the exercise of their profession nor do they apply to persons who are paid from contingencies.


1. These rules may be called the Fundamental Rules. They shall come into force with effect
from the 1st January 1922.

The President of the Republic of India and the State Government may, by general or special
orders, permit deviations from any provisions of a purely procedural nature contained in any rules
made or confirmed under Article 309 of the Constitution of India provided that such deviations shall
not affect the conditions of service, the pay and allowances or the pensions of officers subject to the
rule-making control of the President of the Republic of India.
2. The Fundamental Rules apply, subject to the provisions of Rule 3, to all Government
servants paid from the Consolidated Fund of the State and to any other class of Government
servants to which Government may by general or special order declare them to be applicable.
The Government may, in relation to service, under their administrative control, other than AllIndia
Services, make rules modifying or replacing any of the Fundamental Rules:
Proviso deleted (G.O.Ms.No.90 P&AR (FR.IV) dt. 5.7.2003 - w.e.f. 19.3.2003).
Note 1.—A Government servant who is paid from the Consolidated Fund of the State and who is
temporarily transferred to any of the Defence Services shall remain subject to these Fundamental


(Corrected up to 31st May, 2007)
Section-19 - Service Manual
Volume-III, 1970


(G.O.Ms.No. 1962, Public (Services-G) 25th June 1971)

S.R.O.No.A-613 of 1971 


Practice Question Papers for SSLC 2017

List of Question for SSLC Public Exams
One of the sincerest teachers of Pudukkottai District has prepared these question papers. Hope they will be very useful in coaching your pupils for the final exam.

Click the Links to Download the Question Papers

English I Paper

1. Question Number 15-25 Set 1
2. Question Number 15-25 Set 2
3. Question Number 15-25 Set 2
4. English I Paper (Quarterly Exam)
5. English I Paper
6.English I Paper 
7.English II Paper
8.English II Paper
9.English II Paper
10.English II Paper (Quarterly Exam)
11.English II Paper Model Half yearly 
12.English Paper I 
13.Voice and Combine  Sentences 

Facebook Cover files- Indian Social Engineers

 Here is a collection of FB cover images of Indian Social Engineers.  Great personalities who had fought against evil caste system of hindut...