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Choose the appropriate synonyms of the underlined words            5x1=5
      Vishals greatest (i) accomplishment is his ability to(ii) articulate his words. But the task was(iii) exacting when he went through his training. Today he can speak  a (iv) torrent of words without making a mistake either in pronunciation or intonation. His (v)exceptional skill has won him many awards in oratorical competition.

(i)  (a) aptitude          (b) achievement        (c)  attitude                   (d) boon
(ii) (a) speak loudly   (b) speak softly        (c) speak harshly        (d) speak clearly
(iii) (a) demanding     (b) accurate             (c) perfecting             (d) painful
(iv) (a) storm              (b) drizzle                (c) outpour                (d) sprout

(v)  (a) abnormal        (b) unusual               (c) strange                     (d) odd

Now try this online test

Choose the Correct synonyms for the given words

Choose the Correct synonyms for the given words



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