Spiderman - Homecoming 2017

It seems finally Spiderman has come home!

The earlier franchises of the Spiderman are very serious. This franchise is a daring attempt indeed.

It portrays the superhero as a teen with a radioactive blood.

Though Iron Man's presence in the movie is limited, he destroys the superhero image of Spiderman.
This has proven very successful in portraying the almighty Spiderman as a hyperactive, smart school kid.

He falls in love, fights with his formidable foe the flying vulture (ironically the birdman!!! Micheal Keaton), beaten black and blue by the shocker, rescuing cats and kittens and the like.

This approach have given the directer an edge, through this line of story telling he was able to impress the teens all around the globe.

The shot in which spider shoots his web in to void and choose run gets an ovation from the audience.
And the other shot for which the audience blow the roof away was Tony Stark's presence  in India.

The movie has a very strong shift from a super hero genre to teen comedy genre, and it is proven very successful.

Produced with 175 million us dollars so far this movie has grossed 275 millions so far, and it will soar even further.

Michel's reaction after sending one of his aids to ashes is really cool, he had suffered a lot to make this movie a memorable one.

Remember the worst  villeins   make the best heroes!

Though Michel's Keaton's family roll is not dealt with care, and his sudden appearance as Liz's father is age old story telling twist. These guys could have tried something new.

Even if you justify for the all powerful villain "Vulture" spares Spiderman because of his crush towards Liz(vultures daughter), it is not satisfying.

In simple words the movie has become a commercial success, giving the studio some hope to venture further in this genre.

What Selvaragavan did with "Thulluvatho Ilamai" is done yet again in Hollywood.

Selva very clearly made his story for teens, a sect of audience who has a luxury of time and money from their parents, who will throng the theaters to watch, and his formula was very successful not only for him but for the ailing Tamil Cini Industry as well.

Spiderman Homecoming also treads in the same successful path, and rocked the box office.

Spiderman is not for older generations from now on.

Teens will fall hook line and sinker for this movie.


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