Why Tamil Nadu mourns the demise of Anitha

To my friends in north India and across the globe...
for the past twenty four hours Tamil Nadu is flooded with tears for a young girl.
Your media will never tell you the truth.

That is why I write this post.
First who is that girl?
Anitha, who is from a very humble beginning, has completed her Higher Secondary Examination with superb marks.

Unfortunately Tamil Nadu State politics was in a very bad shape. The ruling party's supremo was ill and was hospitalized and the chief of the state was completely went off the radar.

What happened there at the hospital, how did the AIADMK supremo met her end was not clear. It is in fact still a haunting mystery.

As all the head of the departments were busy putting a gag order against the media. All the state affairs were halted, and never resumed.

So the state had painfully abandoned its younger generations.

As the HSC results came students were jeopardized about their future.
dreams came tumbling down.

The state officials were giving false hope that NEET exams will not be possible in their rule.
but what happened was just the opposite.

NEET exams were conducted.

It was indeed a rude shock for most of the students.
They were expecting regular admission to medical board through their cut-off marks.
Anitha was one of the victims who was hit most by the system.
She had secured 1176 out of 1200 marks.

She had 176.9 cut-off.

If the admissions were made in State opted way she would have been given a red carpet welcome into her choice of Medical Colleges around the state.

NEET has burned down her 12 year old dream.

She was from a very humble beginning, a hut in a bad shape was her home, a motherless girl, but she had beaten every odds against her.

But the state government has failed her.

Why people are angry with Mr.Modi, the god sent architect of modern India?.

You, know that better Modi had proved it many times that he is a Moran and unfit to rule the country.
He envisions India as one single country, he wanted to saffronaise every house, every street and all the states across the country.

He proclaims that one India one exam.

but it is not so in Andra, where his dhall never gets cooked.

India is multi cultured, multi layered, multi faceted country.
You can never expect her to represent a single ideology, especially Hintutuva.

So Modi sarkar had enforced NEET, which deprived the underprivileged rural children from getting their Medical Seat.

Anita was different, she waged a battle, she filed a law suit against NEET, met the Government officials and seek their help, and met the leader of the opposition party Mr. M.K.Stalin, and became a one girl movement for justice.

Justice in New India has new meaning, isn't it?
at the eleventh hour TN government has taken extraordinary efforts.
but the ex financial minsters wife Mrs. Nalini Chidambaram filed a suit against the special relaxation for TN state, and Justice was served for citizens of new India.
stalling the relaxation for TN students from seeking admission through cut off marks.
that was the final blow for Anitha ...
the warrior within her turned a monster and consumed her own self.
She takes her dear life and bids adieus.

We the people of Tamil Nadu feel her death marks the dawn of new India,
an India for the rich,
an India for the fascist religious sect
an India which sucks the blood of her own citizen.
and so
We roar.

If you don't understand this
no issues...
But don't try to colour our protest as barbaric one
Friends we are trying to save our beloved nation from barbarians.
If you are not with us we have no issues.
One day you will regret that your are not with us.

and on that very day

When you realize that all the false promises of Modi ji is only to protect Ambani, Adani
and to rob the poor and help the rich to be richer

We will be waiting for you to join our fight against the tyranny of our own government.


Jai Hind

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