Few snapshots of TN Ed Scenario

Tamil Nadu

Jacto Geo is rolling up the sleeve to fight for the right...

These are strange days, The ruling party's supremo had promised that she will provide proper pension scheme, ie GPF scheme to the government employees.

But after her mysterious demise, her party men came to power after much drama.

When the representatives of Jacto Geo refereed to their wrest while supremo's promise of GPF to the government employees, the current Chief Minister gave a shocking response.

"Amma said so, I am not Amma" (then why the heck he should continue in power ?)

This ridiculous, irresponsible highly degrading act of the ruling party resulted in very long strike which lasted for 9 days.

Even after these 9 days the government did not relent, but the court interfered and forced the employees to return to their duties.

The Government has appeared in the court and given explanations, and  said it had implemented the pay hike as per the 7th pay commission of the central government.

The pay matrix was flawed and faulty, and the employees are planning a strike again.

t is fitting example, that  if selfish people come to power people suffer, and they never care. 

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