Avengers: Infinity War Setting New Records

Avengers Poster- Curtsy Wikipedia 

Marvel Studios Avengers : Inifinity War is the 19th movie in a sequl. It has set new records in the box office. In India alone the movie has grossed 123.47 crores so far.

All around the globe the movie has grossed Rs. 2552 crores so far. In the opening week alone the movie has set this record oddly enough the movie is yet to be released in Russia and China. If it is screened there the total would have been gone through the roof!

This sequal directed by the Russo brothers is highly praised for its intensity and RDX action all through the movie. As the brothers left the movie in a clifhanger climax it made the fans to await egarly for the second part.

Avengers Infinity wars total budget is arond 300 to 400 million, but the movie has grossed two hundred million extra on the first week itself. Huge success indeed.

A proof that the best creative talent will one day pay off.

kudos to the creative artists behind the screen 

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