What is ALM+?

ALM + is the teaching method devised by the Tamil Nadu Government's Educational Department.

Its components are sq4r study method, mind map. It is an improvised mix of the aforementioned two methods.

What is SQ4R?

It is a study method. Some takes it for reading method but reading and study are entirely different concepts. Actually SQ4R is a better tool for students. It has its base in brain science. It is evolved out of scientific research.

It is based on how brain learns and retain information and retrieve information. Proven techniques of study are incorporated in the method.  

SQ4R is a scientific study approach  because it engages the reader during each phase of the reading process.


The students are encouraged to survey the lesson unit. They come to a conclusion about the text matter they are going to learn.


As the output of the survey they produce questions.
1) What is this lesson about?
2) What do I know about the lesson unit?
3) What I am going to learn after lesson is learnt?
Like wise they list out the  questions and try to explore the lesson unit on their own.

Read (R1)

They read the lesson unit and try to find the answers for the questions they have listed out.

Write (R2)

They write down the answers.

Recite (R3)

They recite the answers they have written. 

Review (R4)

They evaluate their work and present their work in the class room.

Lets see the other components of ALM+ in the next post

until then

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