Second Paper First Question...

The second paper is very easy compared to the first paper. First paper is for knowledge gathering and second is for applying the knowledge.

Here is  a test for you!

It is the very first question of the second paper...
have a try..


Synonyms Quiz II

Welcome back.

Synonyms carry five marks and you are not supposed to miss a single mark.

Here is a little challenge for you.


Online test English I Paper, X standard TN

This is an online test for Tamil Nadu X standard synonyms.

Hope it will help the learners to sharpen their vocabulary skill and assure full marks...



John Donne (1572-1631)

A Metaphysical Poet
John Donne (1572-1631) was one of the most prominent metaphysics. His life is spotted with many interesting events.


Aishwarya’s Birthday

A teacher opens up and shares his experiences, Kasthuri rengan is teaching English in the district of Pudukkottai. Here he shares his surprising experiences with kids.
Of Running an English Club

I have been teaching English in a state run high school for the past 7 years. Like most of my colleagues I found it difficult to cover the syllabus with the academic year. Some times I wonder whether to cover the syllabus or to uncover the syllabus is right but most of the time I cover it literally.

Facebook Cover files- Indian Social Engineers

 Here is a collection of FB cover images of Indian Social Engineers.  Great personalities who had fought against evil caste system of hindut...