John Donne (1572-1631)

A Metaphysical Poet
John Donne (1572-1631) was one of the most prominent metaphysics. His life is spotted with many interesting events.

For instance he was born into a Orthodox Roman Catholic Family. His family tree is full of proud martyrs of Roman Catholic belief. But he died as a Anglican that too as a Dean of St. Paul’s Cathedral.

He was admitted into Oxford. He completed his degree but refused to take the oath of Supremacy and so he was not graduated. Then he went to Cambridge, there too the same thing happened. Finally at 1592 John Donne enrolled himself at Lincoln’s Inn, London. He aspired for a diplomatic legal career.

This time his plan worked out perfectly that he was appointed private secretary to Sir Thomas Egerton, Keeper of the Great Seal in the year 1598.

At this juncture Donne effectively committed his career suicide by his secret marriage. In 1601 he married Egerton’s nice, Anne More. Enraged Egerton fired and imprisoned him along with his aids, Samuel and Christopher Brooks. The next ten years were lean years for Donne. John Donne briefs this in his own style. John Donne, Anne Donne undone.

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  1. In para 3 of the above post, the year is wrongly mentioned as 1952 !

    You could have given a short poem of John Donne in this post for the reader to get a glimpse..



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