Expected answers for lesson one Buds to Blossoms

Buds to

How did the lion cub join the sheep? 
The lion cub was curious. One day he chased a butterfly. He could not catch it. On this attempt he had lost his way. As he was tired he fell asleep. When he woke up he found himself in the company of sheep.
As the curious little lion cub chased the butterfly he lost his way. He fell asleep. When he woke up he found himself surrounded by a flock of sheep.

2. Why did the lion take the young one to the pool?
The lion took the young one to the pool because he wanted to show the young  lion the reflection of his image in the pool.
The old lion wanted to the young one to realize his nature. So he took him to the pool.
3. How did the young lion reacted on seeing his image in the water? 
The young lion found it very difficult to believe his own reflection.
4. What did Helen Keller and Arjun Bajpai accomplish?
Helen Keller overcame her impediments and championed the cause of the visually challenged.
Though Arjun Bajpai was very young, he claimed Mt. Everest.

5. How should you face the impediments?
We should face the impediments bravely.

6. Why are you indispensable to the world?
Without me the world will be incomplete. So I am indispensable to the world.

7. Why did the girl bring an umbrella?
The girl brought an umbrella. So that she could return home without getting wet after the prayer for rain.

8. What made the man (digger) get suspicious?
The man was digging for several days, and yet there was no sign of the gold. So he grew suspicious.

9. Why was the bucket with a hole unhappy?
The bucket with a hole was unhappy because he felt sorry for wasting water thorough his hole.

10. How are you unique?
No one else in the world is capable of being myself. In this way I am unique.

11. The present moment is a gift-explain.
The present moment is a gift that has been bestowed upon us and we must make the most of it. It gives us a chance to prove ourselves.

12. What can you contribute to make the world a better place to live in?
I can lead a meaningful life to help others and betterment the world. Thus I can contribute to this world.

13. What message do you get from the story of the young lion?
The little lion was grown up with the sheep. It believed that it was a sheep! It feared the other wild animals. It had lots of potentials. But it did not use it. We must be aware of our potentials. This the message I get from the story.

14. Are you conditioned by your circumstances?
No, I knew my skills and abilities. So I am not conditioned by my circumstances. I am sure of the things I want to achieve and I will achieve them.

15. List out the steps that you should follow to reach your goal.
1.  Identifying the desired goal.
2. Identifying the necessary skillset.
3.  Practicing the Skills
4. Planning to achieve the goal.
5. Working the plan.

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