Lesson Plan Model Millionaire

Class : X Standard
Subject :  English
Topic : Model Millionaire

Expected Learning  Outcomes: 

The Pupils understand the lesson unit and comprehend the new words in the lesson unit such as
i)   Millionaire   - a person who has  a million dollars or rupees
ii) profile - out line of the face/ head
ii) Ragged - untidy
They read the lesson unit and find answers for the comprehensive questions.
They build their vocabulary through the synonyms and antonyms in the lesson unit.
They use the words in their own sentences.

Lesson Plan Buds to Blossoms

Class : IX Standard
Subject : English
Topic : Buds to Blossoms

Nature of the lesson
Lesson Type
Stand alone
90 minutes

Lesson Plan Readiness Programme_Hand writing

Class : < Standard >
Subject : English
Topic : Readiness Programme (Handwriting Size, Shape and Slant)

Expected Learning Outcomes :

The pupils  develop and reinforce a right attitude towards English Language
They get their handwriting skills reinforced.
They identify the mistakes in their handwriting  and correct them.

Teaching Materials:

A)  Black board    B) Chalk  C) an old calendar with spectacular pictures
Teaching Methods :

Motivation :

  The teacher distributes  sweets as it is the very first day of the academic year. He takes out the calendar with pictures . He shows the pictures and asks the pupils to name anything they find on the pictures.

Expected Words :

Beautiful  Sky, Blue sky, white clouds, tall trees, lovely flowers etc.

Now the teacher asks the pupils to write these words on the black board. Once these words are written on the black board the teacher cheers the pupils for their effort and positive attitude.
Now he points out the problems in the handwriting.
He introduces Size, Shape  and Slant  concept.

Every letter of the alphabet has its own shape and size. If we are able to follow them then our handwriting will be legible.

The teacher points out the shape and size problem that  the students have. And suggests ways to improve their style.

The teacher explains the difference in the size of a letter plays a very important role. Sometimes small letters are misunderstood for capitols and vice versa.

The slant
The slant should either be straight, or right sided however the slat should not go beyond 65 degrees.

Home assignments : 

Get a four lines notebook. And start practising handwriting.
Get a dictionary. 

Lesson Plan for readiness programme dictionary practice

 Lesson Plan 

Class : < Standard >
Subject : English
Topic : Readiness Programme (Dictionary Practice)

Expected Learning Outcomes : 

The Pupils get their dictionary skills reinforced.
The pupils get their skills, that  involve locating the world in the dictionary, understanding the alphabetical order in which the dictionary is organized, even after locating the meaning for the given word fixing the right meaning is important.
The pupils enjoy the learning autonomy.

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