Lesson Plan Topic : Letter Writing

Lesson Plan
Topic  : Letter Writing
Expected Learning Outcomes :
(i)                  The Pupils understand the  various aspects letter writing.
(ii)                They acquire knowledge about the types  of letters, namely
a)      Public Letter Writing               b) Private Letter
(iii)               They understand the purposes of both types of  the letter
(iv)              They understand the usage of salutations and subscriptions
(v)                 They write their own letters for the given occasion.
Motivation :
Have you ever received a letter ?
From whom did you receive a letter?
How do you feel when you receive a letter?

Presentation :
The teacher  greets the pupils and the pupils  greet  the teacher .
Now the teacher tells them about the two kind of letters namely Public Letter and Private Letter.
Public Letter
A Public letter is the one that is written for official purposes. A request of Street light, leave letter, job application and inviting people to school functions is called public letters.
They are not written to known people. They are written to officials.
These kinds of letters  have strict form. It must not be broken.
Private Letter
Where as private letters are written between friends  and family members.  They do have rules.  But there is no need to follow them!
However in the school exercises and exam outputs you must follow the rules even in writing a private letter. It ensures to get you marks!
The Structure of a Public Letter
At our country we have distinct form of a public letter. On the upper right-hand side, you put your address (two lines), skip a line, and put the date. It has From address as its first component. It  contains  your proper address, the  writer of the letter.
                S. Niyasudeen
                343, Periyar St, 

You must have  seen the format. 
Next comes To address part. This part contains the address of the receiver of the letter.
                The District Collector,
                The  Office  of the District Collector ,
 These items are followed by proper salutations, the following are the salutations for  the public letters.
1.       Sir,
2.       Dear sir,
3.       Madam,
4.       Dear Madam,
5.       Dear Sirs,
6.       Dear Madams
7.       Messrs =M/s
How ever we Indians have coined a special salutation
Respected sir, Respected Madam, etc! Which not in practice anywhere else in the world!
This is followed by Subject of the letter, the subject line is followed by the body of the letter. After  the body of the letter comes Subscription of the letter.
List of subscriptions
    One Officer to Another                    - Yours sincerely / Sincerely yours
    Firms     - Yours sincerely / Sincerely yours
   To Editor of Newspaper     - Yours sincerely / Sincerely yours
   To teachers     -  Yours obediently 
   To Strangers     -    Your faithfully
    To Officers     - Yours sincerely
The final item  of a letter is Address on the envelope.  This part contains the to address which is written in the second part of the letter.
Private letters,
As we know earlier  a private letter has minimal rules, that  too not necessarily be followed if it is written between close friends! But for the exam purpose we must  know the rules and follow them carefully.
The first part of the private letter is at the top most right corner of the sheet.  Place and date is written here.
(a)    To relatives (older in age)     - Dear Father / Mother / Brother 
(b)    To relatives (younger in age)   - Yours loving brother / sister
(c)    To Friends    -  Dear Rafeeq
This should be followed by the body of the letter. It usually begins with Well and Wish you the same!
The letter ends with proper subscriptions .
 (a)    To relatives (older in age)    
 Yours loving son / brother   
(b)    To relatives (younger in age)   
 Yours loving brother / sister
(c)    To Friends   
 Your sincerely / well wisher 
After this we have the Address on the envelope, where you have to write the full address of the receiver.
Activities :
The pupils are encouraged to write their own letters.  They discuss with each other and write a letter.  Their letters are corrected by the teacher.
Home Assignments:
Write a letter to your friend and post it.

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