Hand writing Readiness programme

Lesson Plan
IX Standard
Readiness Programme – Hand Writing

Expected Learning Outcomes :
(i).  The pupils develop and reinforce their knowledge of symbols and their written production
(ii). They get their motor skills  reinforced
(iii). They know the difference between top joiners, bottom joiners and non joiners.
(iv). They  know the shape and size and slant of a letter.
(v). The learn to produce the symbols in  a very fast manner, ie., they write fast with proper shape, size and slant.

Teaching Material
a.  four lines note,    b. black board   c. model hand writing sheets
Teaching Learning Process:
How many of you want to write legibly ?
If you really care about your hand writing the it can be fixed with in a week with proper practice. Do you know? Shall we began?
The Learning experience
The teacher tells the pupils  the basics of legible writing, namely size, shape and slant. If the students are able to maintain the three major aspects in their mind then their writing will be legible.
Every letter in the alphabet has its own distinct size. It should be maintained. 
Letters do have a specific shape, we do not mess with the shape of a letter.
The slant in the handwriting is the result of the fast writing. It is achieved through practice. It helps the writer to write fast and connect the letters. The connection makes fast writing possible. Any letter should not be slanted more  then 65 degrees, and the left slant is not good. It should be avoided.
The teacher explains these concepts through writing in the black board.
Home Assignments:

Bring in the four lined handwriting notebook regularly. 

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