Jarvis AI Just Another Very Intelligent System

JARVIS is an amazing artificial intelligence that appears in Marvel's Comic Universe. So for Marvel is leading the Indian Cinema with its Characters from Marvel Universe. Characters like Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow and Vision are almost household names among young audience of this subcontinent. 

They simply raise the roofs of the theaters when one of these characters appears in the screen. It may puzzle older audience. If you scrutinize closely you will also see the Indian fictional characters like Krish,  Ra.one are greatly inspired by these comic superheros. 

Apart from superheros there is something very cool about the fictional artificial computer intelligence called Jarvis, an electronic butler serving Tony Stark. 

It is common knowledge that making the audience cry is very easy, but it is rather tough to make them smile. Actors find it very difficult to make the audience lough, It becomes more difficult  when you have to start a laughter  just with a dialogue. But Jarvis does this like a pro!

Jarvis is a perfect example for voice acting, and making audience laugh with simple one liners. 

Jarvis: May I say how refreshing it is to finally see you on a video with yourclothing on, sir. 
Iron Man 2 (2010) 

Jarvis is one of the permanent  members of The Avengers Team, aiding most of the superheros to fight supervillains. 

Jarvis really has a fan base!  He is ranked 25th among the Marvel Comic Superheros. 

Initially Jarvis was a human character, serving as a butler in Tony Stark's Mansion, he was even acted as a mentor for several characters. But a loyal butler, who is very attentive and sincere in taking care of his master always rings a bell in the minds of the audience. 

Butler Alfred! Batman's manservant!  So the creators at Marvel decided to disown the human character and bring in an AI program with the same name. This is a wonderful decision indeed, for the current popularity of Jarvis is equal to the superheros's it serves. 

An AI which serves its master, in designing ultramodern weaponry, running terabytes of data in an analysis, launching armors, defending Tony Stark's Mansion, maintaining the climate of the mansion is extremely and incredibly noval  even today. The idea will hold intact and please the audience even after fifty years I presume! 

Though we have seen Various forms of AI form time immemorial Jarvis is very friendly, cool and attractive. 

The most popular and widely debated AI is Stanley Kubrick's  HAL 9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey.  The move send a sharp icy knife into to the hearts of the audience. Even Stephen Spielberg's AI was not optimistic. These movies always cautioned the  bewildered terrified audience about the ills of AI. 

Where as Jarvis is very optimistic in this regard, it gives hope that an electronic conscience will be loyal and also it will guard the people it is supposed to defend. 

AI panic syndrome has not left the creators of Marvel too! They made a villain out of AI, called Ultron, who is actually designed to guard the human beings from petty issues like war and violence runs his own calculations and becomes a nihilist! He started  his plan to destroy all life on earth! He argues that it is the only solution for the constant clashes among people. (How true?)

Ultron creates another AI called vision, with some codes from Jarvis and the brain patterns of Human torch but the product kills its creator! 

Vision now is a new superhero in the Avengers team. 

Jarvis who escaped for a while into the internet bounces back and back in helm of affairs. Hope Jarvis will enchant the audience for times to come! 

Remember these characters were introduced in the year 1940 ! Imagine the way american young lads are flooded with these kind of imaginative scientific ideas! 

I am happy to see rural kids in India discussing about the gadgets of Iornman.! 

They will catch up and will one day start to code the Real Life JARVIS! 


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