Captain America: Civil War 2016

It was a huge surprise for me to watch this movie, the surprise was not because of the CGI used in the movie or the story line! I have a mind blowing experience in the theater watching the movie among   my fellow audience who were raising the roof with their wolf whistles. I have heard wolf whistles in theaters  as they were raised for a local mega star but this time it is for Captain America and his crew. It was really a cool experience. I have never imagined that Marvel's comic heroes would have such very strong fan base. 

No body comes near to our movie fans in celebrating their heroes,  they have verity of ways to celebrate their favourite stars. Right from erecting 100 feet cutouts and  pouring milk over them and carrying the film box in a rally with a grand bash is only practiced in Tamil Nadu. How ever Marvels heroes are yet to have their cut outs, apart from that they celebrate the introductory scenes of every super hero. 

Captain America – Civil War is the latest arrival of the superhero series. Directed by Antony and Joe Russo this movie is grossing millions in the box offices around the world.  The directors really have handled the massive ensemble cast with extraordinary craftsmanship.  The success of the movie is really a result of this. Kudos to the directors. 

Tamil movie fans  really surprised me by their exhilarating behavior in the theater. They   were very keen in identifying every super hero in the movie and giving out whistles from their bottom of their stomachs!  

The Story Line

The super heroes like Cap America and Iron Man have massive power at their disposal. They use their powers to guard the people and fight evil forces and save our planet! But what if a common man with no power wanted to take revenge the super heroes, is there a least bit of logic in proposing a very normal man to fight with super heroes and put out their super powers, if you say no you should watch the movie. The directors have done this and the movie has come out very very appealing to watch. 

Helmet  Zemo had lost his family in the Sokovia incident in the last Avengers franchise, Avengers-Age of Ultron.   Zemo wanted to annihilate  Avengers so he painstakingly draws a plan. First he tracks down Winters Soldier’s handler and murders him to get the codes to operate Winter Soldier.  Through the codes he operates Winters soldier aka Becky. In this process Zemo successfully frames Winter's Soldier for the crimes he had not committed.  Becky was Cap’s mate and he is not ready to lose him. He has the support of half the members of avengers the other half supports Iron Man and the unavoidable war begins. Avengers against Avengers , after a battle Cap escapes to his destination, 
a Hydra base to see the other brainwashed super soldiers. 

Iron Man became aware of this and reaches the base too. Iron Man apologizes for his misunderstanding and the trio happened to see the footage in which Winters Soldier kills the parents of Iron Man and steals the Super Soldiers serum.    This enrages Iron Man and he starts his fight and tries to kill the Winters Soldier,  he successfully hacked off the robotic arm of the winters soldier,  and the severely wounded  captain disables  Iron Man. 

In the scene that follows Zemo was satisfied by his actions and about to commit suicide, Black Panther, the Prince of Wakanda approaches him from behind. Black Panther who had vowed to kill Zemo tells that he would not allow vengeance to take over him and his claws retract. It is one of exemplary scenes in the movie. The dialogue and the retracting claws really give an awesome experience.  

In total this move has become extremely successful and grossing millions around the world, and has a very strong fan base in Tamil Nadu. 

It is a very good entertainer that you don’t want to miss in this summer. 

It would be even great surprise for you if you know that some of the characters has originated forty years ago! It really thrills me to know the Villon Zemo has first appeared in a comic book in the year 1964! 

The original comic book story kills the Cap and the Winters Soldier becomes the new Captain America. However the movie is generous enough to keep the captain alive and gives a heroic touch in the climactic scene. 

The move has been in the discussion floor for a very long period and the writers have put their efforts to chisel out the character of Cap, very recently Iron Man was taken in to the story, and the end result the character of the Cap scores more than Iron Man.   Of course it is a Captain movie indeed. 

Back with more movie bash 


Kasthuri Rengan. S    

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