Alien Covenant

David an immortal robot, a huge space ship, and a space crew on a hazardous journey hunted by an alien predator.

Ridley Scott has been spinning off movies of a dystopian future.

What bores me is his cruel presentation of alien and their ability to kill people. Almost all his alien series portray the dismal of mankind and its fall to an unmatched alien species.

The very first alien movie which was released in 1979 had an anticlimax, the heroine appears to be  victorious but  was infected by the formidable alien and the  curtain drops.
I hope Ridley actually enjoys  the fall of mankind. In all his alien series he never compromised his policy. The wicked, selfish mankind is defeated by the alien. No mater what, he succeeds in the end.
Ridley might have been inspired by the new testament’s revelations chapter.

As expected this sequel of alien is also had a very dark climax with an apt music, “entry of the Gods into Valhalla”.

Michael Fassbender, had proved his mettle in performing a double act in this movie, as David, and Walter an immortal robot.

In the initial sequence of the movie the solar sail is breath taking. Though your mind says it is cg you would not  help enjoying the sequence.

It is a regular Ridley Scott alien movie, a space crew recruited to be killed by the alien, as usual the alien preys on the cast, breaking glass, infecting in all possible  ways, and pops out from infected human bodies.

If you love cgi, and wanted to see what can be  achieved thorough  such tech, then you should not miss this movie.

The spot in which Walter recites Ozymandias is cool indeed.

Wagner’s Entry of the Gods in to Valhalla, is used in the beginning and in the climax of the movie, hinting the climax of the movie.

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