Baahubali 2- is really worth the hype?

Raja Mouli is undoubtedly one the greats of mainstream film industry of India. This guy has a habit of making his films a huge grosser. He had even spun his yarn around a fly and made it a black buster!

He is really meticulous in creating stories and casting. It took five years to make Bahubali one and two.

He himself stated that due to budget constraints he could not make the two parts simultaneously. He had to release the first part and mint money and re invest that into the second part.

This guy had guts really!

He did it. For the very first time an Indian Movie is screened around the globe and making records in collection. It is really proud indeed.

In my opinion it is a proudest moment for Indian movie makers. He had boosted the morale of his fellow movie makers.

This success gives us a wave of a green flag.

Our creators can reach out global audience. Our guys could make it to the global market and be celebrated in other countries.

My kids and my mom had an FSFS experience and urged both of us should  watch it.

I went to the theater in the evening and bought a ticket for the morning show of the following day.

People of Pudukkottai are really busy, for the theater was nearly empty for the morning show. This is our peoples habit. They love  movies but they prefer the other three shows. Very rarely morning show is crowed. It is usual in our place.

The thing I enjoyed very much is the title sequence, really cool. It was a recap of first part but in cg sculptures. If I ever go to this movie for the second time I would prefer a bigger screen and love to watch the title.

Few of the shots were enthralling indeed. Especially the  scene before the intermission where the subject express their anger  over the egoistic decision of Rajamaatha Sivakami.  The very ground shakes with the outrage of people, the scene is very captivating and inspiring.

In the same way the shot in which Bahubali beheads the womanizing military general is cool.
In my opinion Bahubali – 2 does not enthrall me as the first part  did.

When I expressed this to my wife, she just asked me “How on earth on can say a Raja Rani story more beautiful, you have a mind set for cg intense movies. All your favorite movies speaks of the future, this is past, So it may be difficult for you, she said this and continued enjoying the movie.
The Chinese music bit used in this film gives an edge, but the quality of the shots  and the  rich music  could not  go hand in hand. The music remembers  few of  the Chinese Stories and top grossers, like Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragan, Dragan Blade  etc.

The stars of the film will be remembered for their part in the movie, for it will be a groundbreaking movie in many aspects.

A very keen observer, Nanthan Shridaran had promptly pointed out the films portrayal of Hindutva. The undue importance given to the Brahmin gurus, and Hindu saints is very dangerous for an artist he opined.

His view was retaliated by other friends, with a very simple question if you are making a movie with a historical background how  can you avoid these shots?

This question made me laugh, these guys never agree Ashoka as a great emperor, Haniska as a king and the attempt of Brahmins  to burn him alive.

Our understanding  of history is very little and biased. So these  kind of questions should be answered with a smile.

Why should we make a movie based  on a religion of the majority? It is pure  business.

Even lots and lots of chances are there to make global mega movie based on Ashoka, Shersha Soori, Harshavarathan we would never try.

If any one tries  he will not get the media attention, media will not hype about the movie, they will make sure the movie  becomes a flap.

So,  our creative genius had to be choosy.

In simple terms this move had broke open a huge global market for the Indian Cinema. It  has paved a way for others to follow.

If any one wanted  to tread this path he should  remember the meticulous craftsmanship of Raja Mouli.

It took him five years to live up to the  hype, and mint money.

For that we can give him a friendly pat on his back.

Proud of you Raj.

Written by
Kasthuri Rengan

 Ps: My wife watched the first part in  her cell with my kids. Later that evening she grabbed my collar  and said this” Now I know why you enjoyed Bahubali 1, Thamanna Bhattiya”(oops my front tooth is still aching)

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