The MUMMY 2017

When the trailers of this movie first hit the youtube, I was astounded. Though the mummy franchise  was my all time fouvarite, I did not have the slightest clue that Tom Cruise will be starring the reboot. 

The trailers really made an impression that the presence the movie would reach a whole new level. 

As it is one of the most anticipated movies it had drawn  huge audience. In my part of India it is fun to watch a movie in a movie hall. 

I got my ticket and settled down in my seat, but people were pouring in even after half an hour, that too in very large crowds. It appears that I was sitting in a very busy street thronged by shoppers crowd. I could not believe it. I kept wondering what had drawn such a large crowd of young audience. 

My doubts were answered when Tom Cruise appeared in the screen, as he removed his face veil, wolf whistles tore the roof of the theater.   
It is a moment that you realize the stardom of an actor, Tom Cruise who would have been conducting church sermons, chose acting instead pasting. Now he is one of the most loved action stars around. 

In the modern day Iraq  Nick Morton, an US Military Spy discovers a tomb, and the consequences unfold into a movie. 

Russel Crow appears as Dr. Henry Jekyll, (Mr.Hyde), who has an army of mercenaries to carry out his commands. 


Annabelle Wallis, who appears as  Jeni, has tried to justify the roll. As a fan of earlier version of mummy, my mind automatically compares Annabelle with Rachel Weiss, and clearly Annabelle is no match for Rachel Weiss. 

The new franchise has   Jake Johnson as the comedian, but his appearance is creepy, not laughter provoking.  

In a very particular scene in which Tom is trying to escape from Ahmanet the audience were very attentive, they watched from the edge of their seats.  

Sofia Boutella-  Princess Ahmanet, tried to scare the audience but without success.  

In my opinion Tom might have avoided this movie. 

Why this movie sucks?

Because of the director Alex Kurtzman, who was busy writing scripts for horror flicks, naturally brought his previous cliche shots, and settings into this movie. This move has taken out the cool of the mummy series. 

As one of the popular critics in Tamil, Raja Sunderraajan has pointed out the action sequence is in the confined spaces, which had made the movie such drag. 

But what I love is the ending of the movie, only at the end we realize that we will be watching the second part. 

This is one of the traits of Hollywood, they just release movies no matter what, they don't care about the box office results. They just want to introduce the characters and their details to the audience. Later in the second part they catch up. 

Let us wait and see, if the second part is going to be huge success or it also curl itself inside the filmbox.    

Tom Cruise, Russel Crow 

Annabelle Wallis

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